8 Replies to “Dave Mora Interviews Me”

  1. Great interview! I have been waiting with baited breath for an update to your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Am I the only one who notices the weird shimmer and uneven movement the Flip captures? It is like it is slightly slower than needed to capture every frame in real time or something.
    It would prolly work fine locked down. But when someone carries it (like it seems to be intended for) it always has that weird thing where the frame does not update all at once.
    bleh. Cheap camera, cheap image.

  3. That was pretty cool. It was great to hear a post-story to the twitter of Leo posting his son’s phone number. Still curious how many texts he got total when Leo gets the bill!

  4. Thanks to you for giving the interview… Now my son might listen to me and begin to trust me a bit more… Maybe… Possibly… I guess not… but thanks anyway! Great stuff!…

  5. I can’t believe that “The Lab with Leo” is now running on CityTV Chum stations. Why couldn’t they have done that before? It is great that more and more people will be exposed and will hopefully find you here.
    I would absolutely love to be involved with trying to setup an internet show in this day age. Especially with Leo Laporte. I hope your employees know how lucky they are.
    I have a tremendous amount of respect for your dealings in the way of truth and justice in the world of technology.

  6. Sir Leo,
    Enjoyed the interview very much! You are always so sincere when you speak to everyone. I am hoping to meet you one day…
    Can’t wait see the TWIT TV shows!
    All the best!

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