Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-11

  • Abby and I were trying to sneak Mothers Day presents past Jennifer. She thought we were trying to hide Abby’s "new tattoo." Happy Mom’s Day! #
  • Just got a call from Philip at Newtek. He’s going to send me a replacement Tricaster ASAP. I think we just got unlucky. #
  • Enjoying hubdub’s TWiT Twitter Derby. My money’s on Kevin Rose. http://snurl.com/28an1 – copyright confusion? Who cares? TWiT owns Twitter! #
  • @megfowler: Mac: Disk Inventory X, Windows: Spacemonger (http://snipurl.com/28avj) Both are free and display usage graphically. #
  • Stumped for TWiT panelists tomorrow. Maybe it’s because I can’t find any interesting tech news stories to talk about. Suggestions? Requests? #
  • @jayhmt Excellent idea – just dm’d him @ambermacarthur I LOVE it! But how? Can I get your mom on? #
  • @futhark21 That’s a coincidence – I’ve been trying to get @wilw all week. He’s never been on TWiT for some reason. It’s about time! #
  • Great suggestions for TWiT tomorrow – thanks so much. I should have asked you sooner! #
  • Love the video, @geoffsmith – thanks SO much. Very very fun. http://youtube.com/watch?v=3biEam1_GgY #