Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-09

  • Back from dinner with Anton Zajac, CEO of AV Co. Eset. He’s also a theoretical physicist working on a unified theory of superconductivity. #
  • @joshfreeman Yes Times does support del.icio.us, but only by pushing you to your page. I prefer Pukka-style integration (or AppleScripting). #
  • @jwalkerjr We talked about why elephants have big ears (turns out surface area decreases with volume hence the need for added cooling area). #
  • Technically the RATIO of surface to volume decreases, but you get the idea. #
  • OMG Adagio Teas does have a Martin Sargent blend. It’s made of people!! #
  • @logixdavid I use Yojimbo to store info, but am migrating to the cross-platform, net-syncing Evernote. The cloud’s where it’s at. #
  • Wonder what @martinsargent will do when he discovers that his producer has booked me on Internet Superstar? Will he have the nerve to do it? #
  • @patricknorton I guess you don’t know our "history." Or should I say "herstory." Ask @martinsargent – if he has the guts to tell it. #
  • @dlprager You should know better than anyone why @martinsargent and I can’t be in the same room. Didn’t you get deposed, too? #
  • I’m liking @Mento very much indeed. del.icio.us meets StumbleUpon + FB. Another fine web 2.0 site from Down Under. http://mento.info #
  • Dang. Something’s wrong with the Tricaster. It’s mostly not seeing the cameras. Maybe something shook loose in transit. #
  • Sitting here while Pat and Colleen play with lights and our grid (which is working swell). Watching old Screen Savers clips for inspiration. #

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