Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-05

  • Best part of last night’s TWiT: @jasoncalacanis says he might buy a second Tesla to use while the first one is charging. #
  • @neerav I’ve fixed the TWiT dial-up feed, and yes @duck1123 – there’s been some database corruption at TWiT.tv. Working on it. Thanks! #
  • @twitdir – you’re missing the #3 Twitterer: @kevinrose – he’s coming on strong! #
  • Call me crazy but wouldn’t this be an excellent time to buy YHOO stock? Especially if you think Microsoft will be back. #
  • Disclaimer: I own no tech stocks and have no plans to buy any so as to avoid any conflict of interest. (But it’s fun to speculate.) #
  • @popey There are two lists: http://twitterholic.com – which updates a few times a day and http://twitdir.com – which updates when you hit it #
  • Don’t ask me how I know this. #
  • @gheydon has just saved TWiT.tv (and given me a reprieve from my bad backup habits). If you need a good Drupal guy Twitter @gheydon! #
  • Wha?? I got to the final’s in TV Week’s "Hottest Male Web Host." Vote your heart. (As long as Martin doesn’t win.) http://snipurl.com/277z2 #
  • @abbylaporte is taking her driver’s test today. Again. #

3 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-05”

  1. I still can’t download anything from your twit.tv website, all the redirects to the audio files time out. I can download the files from your twitter update page(which is funny, because I’ve never actually used twitter) – recent podcasts appear on the right side under the radio leo (press play) header. These files download just fine. I’m not complaining here, just thought you’d like to know that things are arsed up on the website.Cheers,

  2. Really Leo? You want to squash Martin’s chance at free publicity (that he needs and you don’t) just so you can feel good?

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