Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-04

  • My daughter borrowed my light reflector and lost the bag that holds it. Now it looks like I have a little pop-up trampoline next to my bed. #
  • InTheMo wants to interview me. Anyone know who they are? HQ is on a studio lot in Culver City. Looks like they’ve got serious capital. #
  • @ifelix I’m not looking for a job. Ever again. #

2 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-04”

  1. It seems that your file site has gone tits up…..I can’t seem to access any twit podcast files – when I click on the links to download the audio files, nothing happens or I ger redirected to the twit homepage, depending on which browser I use. The functionality to stream the audio directly from the page doesn’t seem to be there either……sad 🙁

  2. My name is James Welling from Transport Radio, I don’t really do many shows, but what I am very interested in is a package called Freespeak. Itis exactly what podcasters have been wanting, basically the cheapest unit is about £7,000 but a dealer said I could get one for £5,000
    Check it out!
    I am very excited about the potential of this type of unit for small podcasters.
    Especially if they are broadcasting from remote locations, and need a few reporters ‘out in the field’.
    What I need is potential numbers of podcasters and other protential users that may be interested in a FreeSpeak 5 unit that could cost under £2,000
    I have the e-mail of the guy who is product manager for Clear-Com. He said if he gets enouh interest he may develop a budget based item with the same features as the ClearSpeak 10 unit but with using less headsets.
    Any help on this would be very greatfully recieved.
    James S Welling

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