Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-02

  • Stuck for a few hours at the car dealer while I get service and a fuse for my lighter. Jen tossed some screws in it and shorted it out. #
  • I just wish I could find someone who would tell me exactly what kind of pens to buy. #
  • Consensus: Pilot G2. (I’m a Pilot Varsity user myself.) Not one person said Jet Pen. (THIS is how I’ll top Obama @ http://twitterholic.com.) #
  • @MrGuilt I have a Pilot Vanishing Point, too. I bought it after losing my fourth Montblanc. I think I need to do a Pencast. #
  • @drtiki – want to co-host a Pencast with me? We can try pens from all over the world. And drink. #
  • Or maybe this is one for @ 1timstreet – I can see it now, French maids trying gel pens, fountain pens, roller balls. shiver. #
  • That does it. I’m stopping at Staples on the way home. I need a pen fix. #
  • @donniefischer I use lots of Levenger stuff. Met the Leveens on our trip to Egypt – love ’em. Wonder if they’d sponsor a pencast? hmmm. #
  • Wow. I just saved 15 pages of responses to my pen query. Twitter buds you amaze me. I think we must do a pencast. #
  • @sonicnet is giving away Maker Faire tickets. You’ll have to pick them up in Santa Rosa CA by 5p Pacific. Twitter @sonicnet. #
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