Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-30

  • The inventor of LSD, Albert Hoffman, died today at the age of 102. Speed may kill, but acid clearly rejeuvenates. #
  • First recordings in the new studio today: MacBreak Weekly at 11:30a Pacific followed by net@night and Giz Wiz. Stream at http://twitlive.tv #

2 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-30”

  1. Um, I’m not so sure that acid rejeuvanates. I think it’s kind of bad for you, not to mention VERY illegal.

  2. Hey Leo, I didn’t know of a better way to contact you, but the MP3 download for the recent Tech Guy 449 podcast has the content from show 448 even though the intro says it is show 449!

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