Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-22

  • I don’t think I should have eaten both the foie gras _and_ the duck’s tongue. I’ve been queasy all day. #
  • Kinda funny the New Communications Forum is 20 minutes away. If you really want to see the future stop by the TWiT Cottage and say hello. #
  • The screws came. Tomorrow live interactive video of @digitalkitty and me assembling my massive desk. New Communications indeed. #
  • Everything seems very bleak at 2am. Even the dog is having a bad dream. It’s Jung’s Hour of the Wolf. Or maybe just low blood sugar. #
  • @dvydra I wish I were in London! But then the jet lag would be even worse. #
  • Twitter must be experiencing explosive growth. My followers have doubled in just one month. Same from Feb to March. #
  • But then @kevinrose has tripled in the same time. At this rate he should be number one in just a few weeks. #
  • @Tales No Audible didn’t drop us! I was just kidding around. Audible renewed a month ago – they’re very happy with netcast ads in general. #
  • SN 141 – talking about RSA and a very cool USB authentication key, http://www.yubico.com, that appears as a keyboard & types your 1x pwd. #