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Newstalk 810 AM, KGO Radio, San Francisco.jpgI’ll be speaking at a free event in San Francisco: Saturday, May 3 at 3p, at the Concourse Exhibition Center, 8th & Brannan.
My San Francisco radio affiliate, KGO Newstalk 810, does this every year. KGO Live is an all day event, 11a-4p, featuring Dr. Dean Edell, Ronn Owens, Gil Gross, Len Tillem, Joanie Greggains, Gene Burns, Michael Finney, Rosie Allen, Ed Baxter, Lynn Jimenez, Karel, Bill Wattenburg, and me.

They tell me they’ve set out 400 chairs for Dean Edell and around 40 for me. I’d really love to show them that there are more than 40 geeks in San Francisco, so please come out and say hi.

There are more details, including information about the wine tasting that will also be going on, at KGO’s web site.

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  1. Its amazing how things work these days.You tell us that you will be inSan Fran and I look down the list of characters at this event and I see
    a familiar name,Gil Gross. Gil worked at WWDB and WPHT am in Philly several years ago. Gil is very talented and I know a lot of his fans were sad he left the Philly market.I believe Gil started an event in Philly called “scraplefest”. Any Philly person knows scapple is the official Philly breakfast food.

  2. dang it! i have a golf game that day with some friends. may be next year ill go. sighs.

  3. Sigh … about a month to late for me, I’m back in vancouver …

  4. Leo,
    If you see Gene Burns ask him if he still sell’s his candy. He used to sell it up here in Boston. If he does ask for Free samples.

  5. Hey Alan,
    Gene sold the candy company some time in the late 80’s or early 90’s before moving to SF.
    John Daly (GB’s KGO producer)

  6. On Topic: As a regular listener and subscriber, I hope to make it from from the “Far East Bay”.

  7. Actually, Richard – the picture they have up on the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD online article, at least this morning when I looked, is of DIGGNATION’s Alex Alberect – looking drunk, as usual….

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