Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-18

  • ABC’s crappy debate questions have become the story now. Ha! Stephanopoulos got the idea for the Ayers question from Sean Hannity. #
  • @zappos explanation of how Twitter works is great, but I do get the impression he spends a lot of time in bars. #
  • Trying to decide which streaming video provider to go with for TWiT Live. What’s your preference? Ustream? Stickam? Someone else? #
  • @milewis What is this high-speed conferencing plug-in for Skype of which you speak? Have you used it? #
  • @johnseitz Excellent! And a fantastic new use for Twitter: bash one-liners. Let’s get some perl in here, too. Perlmonks – the world waits. #
  • Seven years ago a disgruntled ex-employee snuck a molotov cocktail onto the TechTV web site. Nothing ever dies online. http://xrl.us/bjjdk #