Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-17

  • Trying to decide whether to watch the debate (tape delayed for the Pacific time zone) or just scan the tweets from the east coasters. #
  • 45 minutes into the debate and I’m thinking this is exactly why network TV must die. Not one real issue – just flag pins, Wright, and Bosnia #
  • And should a former Clinton campaign manager be one of the two people conducting the debate? Doesn’t ABC have any real journalists? #
  • @mollywood Think car web sites are bad? Look at most radio station web sites. They remind me of the outfield wall at a minor league ballpark #
  • An average of six Viagra pills are consumed every second worldwide and Pfizer says consumption is "on the rise." #
  • "Unlike ordinary tactical lights with crenellated bezel that can often inflict harm to oneself, K2 features retractable spike protection." #
  • @THErealDVORAK I think we need to arrange a junket to Norway. Is there any new reindeer technology we can investigate? Lutefisk and chips? #
  • Recording TWiP with @scottbourne and @fvjohnson right now. #
  • @roogie Sure – we’re drowning in Iraq, mired in recession, #28 in infant mortality, but flag pins are the story. No wonder we elect morons. #
  • Recording Windows Weekly 55, Jumping Monkeys later, then I’m going to look for a screw. For my desk. What were you thinking? #
  • We just got two new advertisers including one for Booty Goo. I am looking forward to saying "Booty Goo." I might not even charge them. #
  • We’re interviewing @vvanpetten on Jumping Monkeys 43 about parenting teenagers. Great advice from a 22-year-old. #

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