Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-14

  • QF73 SYD->SFO. Facing 17 hours in a middle seat. Consider it a character building exercise. Still some hope for an upgrade but it’s f … #
  • Uograded. Thabk you Qantas. I’m with Charlie, Winston, and Angela. Jeff, Bill, and Melissa lost the lottery. I feel guilty. #
  • Home again. T1 comes Friday. We’ll start streaming video this weekend. Gotta get some lights! #
  • Tasmanian Tourism is giving away a trip for two to Tasmania. Recommended – it’s one of the last unspoiled places. http://xyzadventures.com/ #
  • Doing my best to stay awake until bed time. I didn’t have much jet lag going westward. Supposedly that’s easier flying eastward. We’ll see. #