No Wuckin’ Furries Mate

Today was our last official day of shooting on the Lightroom Adventure: Tasmania. Winston, Matt, and I headed to an Australian Rules Football game in Ulverstone. It was a league match with Devonport and a blast. I think have a new favorite sport. I understand there’s even a US league and a team in SF.
AFL is kind of a full contact soccer meets rugby with lots of scoring and precious few penalties. The players wear no pads and never stop running. Next door there was a much quieter game of bowls going on. I left the footy to Winston, who is a sports photographer, and I stuck with the bowling.

After the game we drove home, stopping along the way at Cradle Mountain to look for wildlife. We found it in the rotund shape of a wombat.

These peaceful little creatures are marsupials, but they seem to like humans, too. Winston took this shot of the wombat wobbling my way, which gave me a bit of a scare until Matt told me they only chewed on grass.

If you’re in Tas, don’t forget our little soirée tomorrow from 5-7p at the Henry Jones Art Hotel. We’ll be auctioning the best prints (including a few of mine) to benefit the Save the Tasmanian Devil fund. And I’ll be glad to hang out after for a final Cascade with anyone who cares to join me.

I head for home on Monday and it’s going to be sad to leave Tasmania. I’ll take plenty of memories of a wonderful land and friendly people with me.

If you’d like to see the photographers with whom I’ve been travelling, visit the Gallery on Mikkel’s xyzadventures site. Or visit my photo gallery for my favorite shots and my new best friends, human and animal.

I’m gonna miss you Tazzie!

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  1. Great job covering this trip on your blog with pictures and video, Leo. I’m still incredibly jealous but at least through your site we could all feel involved. Thanks so much.

  2. Hey Leo,
    It’s good to hear how much you like AFL.
    Here in Australia, Footie rules and I can see why many outside countries like it. To bad your stuck with Rugby or Gridiron or whatever you Americans play.
    Wish you could have come to the mainland Australia because while Tasmania is part of Australia, it isn’t really the full piece of what Australia has to offer.
    You getting 6/10 Experience of what’s to offer. And considering the population of Tassie is only around the 500K mark, it’s not very big.

  3. Hope you had a great time in Oz Leo – would have been great if Amber and yourself had the time for a meetup in Brisbane for all us TWIT geeks up here. Another day / another universe 🙂

  4. Leo, that looked like it was so much fun! 🙂 Thanks for the pictures 😀

  5. Thanks Leo for sharing with us all your trip. It was fantastic to be apart of it even though we may all be far away. We are lucky to have you around. Have a safe trip home!

  6. Tassie is an amazingly beautiful place ~ Cradle Mt area is breathtaking ~ glad you enjoyed. And as Adam said come a visit the Big Island some time

  7. Hay there Leo
    As an Aussie (here in Perth) and a fan of yours, it has been a real pleasure seeing and reading, how your have explored some parts of our country. It has inspired me to check out Tassie.
    I am glad you have enjoyed yourself. Hopefully when you return to Aussie, it will be to a few more places and we get plenty of notice, so we can get the chance to meet ya.
    Also, keep one cool thing in mind when you next meet up Kevin and Alex. You have sampled some tasty Aussie beers that they have not yet had.
    Good on ya Leo:-)

  8. Dear Leo,
    Great shots, I really feel like going to Tasmania some time now.
    I’ve been living in Sydney for only three months now (I’m from Barcelona) but I’m a big time fan of all your shows, listening to them from all around the world on my iPod Touch!
    “No Wuckin Furries!” is also my favourite one, but you don’t really hear it much here in Sydney. But what’s true, the solution to everything here is no worries, no worries!
    I was wondering if there is any chance to meet up for a cofee in Sydney on your way back since I totally failed to find the details on time of the Starbucks-Meetup two weeks ago… 🙁
    All the Best,

  9. Been reading the blog posts with great interest, being from Western Australia myself it’s interesting to see what outsiders think about various parts of Australia.
    Whilst Adam is correct in saying you only got to see part of Australia being in Tassie, it is a very unique place, as is each region. However I don’t think population has anything to do with it. I’m sure if Leo wanted to see a large dirty overpopulated city, he could find a few here 🙂 (As if he doesn’t have a couple near his hometown)
    IMHO the best places in this country are not in the capital cities.
    Shame you didnt get to see more of the mainland, you have plenty of fans here! Come back soon 😉

  10. Leo, I have been a huge fan for so long, here in Sydney. So it has been terrific to see you enjoying some of the Aussie way of life.
    Enjoying a Meat Pie on your road trip,( I hope you lift the lid and put the tomato sauce in the middle ) ! Did you have any Vegemite-On-Toast for Breakfast ? Enjoying a game of Footy and Bowls on the weekend ! I see in your Video you were driving around in a Holden Commodore .
    As the old saying goes here: “We love Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroo’s and Holden Cars ”
    Checking out the wildlife exclusive to Australia, Wombats, Wallabies, Tassi Devils …. It’s all great stuff and unique to Australia. I’m so glad you made the trip here and have been enjoying some of our way of life. Beaudy Mate ! Good On Ya !
    Oh and I love your photo’s. It really shows that you have been soaking up the Australian culture. I can see it in your photo’s. I can feel the essence of Australia coming through. Well done.
    On your next trip, you need to go Outback. You will see another side our our country.
    Cheers mate. I wish I could come down to Hobart and crack a tinny with you. Michael Hoskins (Hosko) !

  11. Hey Leo,saw you on the news tonight, If I wasn’t living under a rock and had known you’d be around, I’d have loved to meet you!!!
    Great photos, isn’t Tassie beautiful!!!

  12. I’m guessing due to your site being family freindly you really can’t explain what “no wucking furries” really means. LOL
    If anyone knows the Aussie vernacular they’ll work it out.
    Wish you could record a Twit down here with some Aussie tech guys. Hopefully that will happen next time.

  13. Leo
    I think it’s a shame they still don’t have the “Fatso the wombat” T-Shirts popular during the 2000 Olympics. The national archive has that web site on ice here. There is a statue of Fatso in Sydney (see here).
    I’m glad you visited us, Tasmania is my other favourite state!

  14. Been loving all of the photos you and your friends have been putting up on the web. Photographers see allot more in what they take then what we see. Hope to hear more about yuor trip when your on TWIT and your tech guy show. you need to do more photos trips!

  15. I am glad you have enjoyed you time in Australia, hope you make it back down under soon and see more of the country. It was great to meet you and other Sydney TWiTs at the meet up.

  16. Hey Leo,
    It was great to talk to you last night. I would love to give you a rundown of my company and the cool stuff we are doing down here in Tassie.
    Glad the auction went really well and you took the piss out of my brother (Wombat). You should check out his photography site ( if you can a spare 5 minutes (a lot of ask I know).
    Anyway my email is attached to this comment, lets start a conversation.
    Have a good flight home.
    Talk again soon
    Bruce Moyle

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