Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-11

  • We’re in the conference room working on the two Epson 3800 printers. Print driver issues are making the prints too dark. #
  • Just came back from a night tour of Tasmanian caves – pretty amazing pictures. Tomorrow: Footy! Winston and I are photographing an AFL game. #
  • @labmistress Don’t tell me Bri is almost college age? Where has the time gone? @abbylaporte is a sophomore and heading to France next year!! #
  • Nearly all the pro photogs here use Gitzo carbon fiber tripods. Bruce uses the 2540LVL with a pano head from Really Right Stuff. #
  • Never travel with photographers if you’re in a hurry – it took us three hours to go on a 1200 m rainforest walk. http://snipurl.com/tasmania #
  • I’m dual posting to SmugMug and Flickr – but there are more photos on SmugMug. I fear the approbation of the Flickr crowd. #