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  1. For an amateur photographer you got some serious kit there Leo!Great pictures btw, good work and keep them coming 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing!!. Very beautiful background. Looks like you area having a great time! Wish I was there!

  3. Hey Leo,
    Does your camcorder have a remote zoom cause I think you needed to pull back a bit as you framed out your head.
    Great vid though mate.

  4. Geez Leo, you seem to be REALLY enjoying Oz. Hope one day you can visit the mainland too. As you probably know, we’re about the same size as mainland USA, but with only 20 million people. There’s a LOT of open space here on the mainland! Winter is great for visiting the north, as it is the dry season. Also it isn’t as hot in the centre of the country. Autumn (now) or spring is pretty good for the south. Summer is just WAY too hot for anything (unless you like it 40C plus – or 100F+). Just remember all the heat problems in Melbourne for the Australian Open tennis every January! Remember too that Melbourne is about 37°46′ degrees south – it is about the same distance from the equator as San Francisco! Of course San-Fran doesn’t have the roaring forties blowing across it (especially noticeable in the non-summer months).
    Hope you can get 3-4 weeks off and have a good (via road!) look around one day!

  5. Nice video Leo. It’s good to have little ‘behind the scenes’ segments. Let’s us be part of it a little more. I reviewed both of the official photo galleries: some really nice stuff there. Have fun.

  6. Good gravy….. It’s taken nearly three years to learn how to use my Sony DSC-H1 with a fixed lens. Leo is definitely a quicker study!!!!

  7. This is great. I’m learning a lot about photography and getting to enjoy Leo’s adventure by proxy. I never thought of going to Tasmania but now it’s on my list.

  8. Wow..This is great! Kinda like getting carried around in yer pack :-}
    Have a safe boat trip.
    Looking forward to the pics.

  9. Ditto what IKON said. Leo, I used to do my own from shoot to develop photography some twenty years ago but then I got into computers – I think you are rekindling my interest – and I’ll probably go for the Nikon you rave about so much.

  10. Wow Leo that is quite the kit you have. I’d love to get some L glass too, but that is out of my budget at the moment. I’m really enjoying reading about your adventures.

  11. Sorry for the slightly off topic question, but what are you using to shoot the video in this clip? And are you mic’d up, because despite the wind your audio is pretty good?
    Love the posts – keep’em comin’.

  12. Hey Leo ,
    I miss you in Tassie by one week I am a photographer working on a book on Organics in Australia and will be in Tassie from the 15th , love your blog . Nice to see Tasmania getting some attention it truly is a wonderful place , very beautiful, eat lots of those great oysters they produce down there
    keep up the good work

  13. Hey Leo – glad you’re having a great time. Tassie is very photgenic. Thanks for keeping everyone updated – it’s encouraging to see the photos everyone’s been taking / making. It’s also encouraging to see some dirty sensors too! – we’re all human, eh?

  14. I just clicked over from the Adobe Lightroom Adventure page where they posted their second gallery of the trip. Great shots all around, and your shots rank right up there with the “pros”. Excellent job. We techies are proud!

  15. I have that same backpack and I must have misplaced the instructions because I could never figure out what that other strap was for. Thanks for the video! I feel like such a dork admitting this but I think now I actually know how to put the backpack on properly.

  16. Great video – thanks Leo. Really want that bag now! All your videos, photos and tweets have really make me keen to visit Tasmania. I’m in South Africa so I guess its about the same distance to Aussie as it is from SF to Aus.

  17. Love the video. I’m a camera NUT. Like you, I can’t wait until Canon comes out w/ an equivalent / competitor for the Nikon D3. (Of course, I’ll need a second job in order to get it.) I have the D60, it’s time for me to upgrade! =:D

  18. Awesome camera leo!that’s going on my wish list. Looks like your having to much fun out there. just be care full. but,we all miss you down in the states. 🙂

  19. Sounds like you’re having a great time Leo.
    I used to have a Slingshot, couldn’t stand it. It was too hard to change lenses and get at other equipment.
    A correction: Canon only makes one 50mm L lens, the one you have.
    As for macro lenses, I’d take the 100mm macro any day over the 180. It’s cheaper smaller and is super sharp. I think you’re giving L lenses too much credit. Sure it has a smaller working distance but the 180mm is best used on a tripod anyway, so if you’re not using a tripod I’d leave the 180 at home.
    As for the D3, it is highly overrated. The reason their high ISO images are so noise free is that the camera does major noise reduction where Canon cameras don’t or don’t unless you turn it on. You can get the same effect with a noise reduction solution in post. Plus Nikon’s high ISO images have a smooth plasticy look that is unappealing (it’s a result of noise reduciton). As reviews have said any ISO over 6400 on the D3 is just a marketing point. The images that high are not very usable in most situations. Be happy with your 5D, I’d take it over a D3 any day.
    One more thing, why did you shoot video into the sun? You, your bag and all the stuff in it were in shadow.
    Now, get back to making podcasts. 🙂

  20. Heya Leo,
    Pffftt – just a mascot! hehe Your photos are great, I’ve enjoyed following your reports of the trip, and your experiences in Australia. Great place, I’ve traveled there twice for extended stays, though missed Tasmania altogether.
    I’m curious whether you missed not having a telephoto lens in your kit, and if so, what you are deciding on.
    I have not yet gone the full DSLR route, having recently had my entire camera bag of SLR Nikon gear stolen. But, now is the time, as I am preparing for a 2-week kayak trip in Alaska and want some good camera gear. Canon body and lenses for sure, though I am eagerly awaiting the successor to the 5D (I’ve tried to get on The Tech Guy to torture out of you what you might have heard in this regard!). “L” series lenses as well, though the 100mm macro has caught my eye. Others will be the 24-105mm L IS (sure wish they made this at better than f/4), 100-400mm L IS, possibly the 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS and 16-35mm f/2.8 L . Gitzo tripod/Malkin ballhead to keep it all from falling to the dirt.
    Most of my outings will be in the mountains or by rivers, so I really like the slingshot pack, hopefully they make one slightly larger.
    So, how about it – what did you hear from the pros on the successor to your 5D. Eager wallets want to know. 🙂
    Anyhoo, thanks for sharing your adventures.

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