Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-08

  • My dearest daughter @abbylaporte got both bad news and good news today. (For her parents it might be the reverse.) CONGRATULATIONS Abby!!!!! #
  • @drapps Thanks for making me a tweet cloud. Way cool! (Even if their server is clobbered!) http://snurl.com/23pog #
  • @cnansen True. Bruce Dale who has decades as a foreign correspondent always says "make a photo." He doesn’t use rifle stock zooms either. #
  • Anyone have one of the original IBM XT full height hard drives? The 5 or 10 meggers? Looking for one for a photo comparing storage devices. #
  • @rogermcguinn says I must never sing "Tambourine Man" again. Yessir! #
  • Wow – I’m getting lots of offers of XT full height drives. Thanks! I’ll message you. It’s for Bruce Dale who has a swell idea for a photo. #
  • He wants to show a 32GB flash card next to a comparable amount of XT HD storage. He figures three pickup trucks’ worth. (He’ll clone them). #
  • Photo tips of the stars: close or cover one eye and squint the other to get a rough idea of how a shot will look (composition and lighting). #
  • @manton Many of us got big spikes end of Feb – some in the thousands – Twitter did something with the database. #