On The Road To Bicheno

Bruce Dale, Winston Hendrickson, Angela Drury, and I head out of Hobart on the road to Bicheno.

Caution: this video might make you carsick!

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10 Replies to “On The Road To Bicheno”

  1. Hi LeoI know you don’t reply to these posts directly but you probably read them, so can you include a bit more information into your preambles indicating what you were using – webcam, camcorder and how the content got to this page – captured stream, edited and uploaded etc.
    The information about what you are doing is great, but it would be neat to know how you are doing it too.

  2. The movie Leo mentions is Kiki’s Delivery Site. It is a sweet movie about a 13 year old girl with a black cat who moves to the big city. The bakery in the town of Ross is supposedly the one that inspired the bakery in the movie. It is a great movie. I’d recommend it esp if you are slightly into Japanese cartoons.
    The second commenter here mentions the bakery in Ross.

  3. Great to see you’re having a good time! I hope your event is well attended…will you be streaming live from it?
    Hey – next time you blog can you ask the people in the car with you to turn off the radio for two minutes, ha ha.
    Looking forward to your next post!

  4. It’s great that you are raising money for the Devil Facial Tumor Disease. My wife and I were in Tasmania in December of 2006 and we had not heard of the disease before that . You said that the non infected Devils were in the east which is not true. The noninfected Devils are in the more secluded north west. Hopefully a cure can be found or at least a treatment to save the Devils.

  5. Hi again Leo:-)
    I am not sure if it was noticed by all on Monday morning. Your
    streaming had stopped at my end, half way through your interview with Charles Wooley.
    Was wondering how the interview went ? Plus hoping if the full interview is going to be posted.
    Charles Wolley’s site, has a podcast section. So I will keep an eye out there:
    The combinition of going through your streams, videos, still pics and comments, is giving a fantastic feeling of your time there. Almost as good as being there with you. I am sure the others that are following your time in Australia are thinking the same as I do.
    I hope your enjoying posting as much as we are following them. Looking forward in seeing more.
    Thanks & Regards

  6. Sorry about the sudden drop – my laptop battery gave out and I didn’t want to interrupt the interview to plug it in! You saw almost all of it, however.
    By the way, the reception will be a meetup for my Hobart friends, too. I’ll make sure that even if it’s jammed with toffs we have some time to talk after. I’ll stay as late as need be, as long as you keep the Boagsies coming.

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