Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-06

  • Up at 2:45a again for the radio show (it’s Monday here). I’m going be a guest on the Charles Wooley show after. #
  • Streaming the Tech Guy live from Australia at http://twit.tv/live – I’ll stream my bit with Charles Wooley after, too. #

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  1. Leo
    I can’t believe it! We just left Hobart, Australia early February! While this was a close miss I would have traveled far to meet you. We were visiting our “Kids” who were living in Latrobe. We toured Cradle Mountain, down the east coast and stayed at the Chancellor Hotel in Hobart. I have pictures to prove it and many many additional ones. I am sure you are taking or having someone take many many more but would love to send you some of mine. I will only send the best ones of course, in the digital picture age you can take thousands but only a few are good. As soon as I can afford it the Canon Rebel is on my gift list. I missed a lot of great pictures while my camera was recycling (?) Freycinet was great and I know a wonderful gourmet restaurant in Swansea and a Bed And Breakfast where the owners will regale you with tales of Tasmanian history.
    Sorry I am not there to meet you in person!!!!
    Yours truly
    Douglas Fahle

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