The Long And Winding Road To Bruny

Yesterday Bruce Dale, Peter Krogh, Winston Hendrickson, and I took the morning ferry to Bruny Island, a secluded vacation retreat off the southern coast of Hobart – population 600.
Bruce drove, because he’d driven on the left before – in fact, he’d driven all the way from England to India following the gypsies for a book some years ago. After hearing some of his harrowing stories from that trip we feel pretty lucky to have returned in one piece. We stopped many times along the way and spent the entire day there.

Our goal was the Bruny Lighthouse, but our best pictures were from Cloudy Bay lagoon. That’s my poor attempt to capture its beauty below, but Bruce took a panorama that should be amazing – we waited an hour for the light to be just so.

All of these pictures were taken with my Canon 5D. Most with the 24-105 zoom except for the Farmers’ Market pictures which were taken with the 50mm f1.2. All of them were adjusted in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 and most of the Bruny Island pictures were re-touched in Photoshop to remove a dust blotch that was on my sensor.

I’ve uploaded around three dozen shots from our first three days in Hobart to my SmugMug page (try the slideshow). Let me know what you think. I’m learning so much from these amazing photographers, and enjoying my first visit to Australia even more than I expected.

I’m taking today (Saturday in Australia) off to go through the thousands of pictures and hours of video I’ve shot. I also have to rest up because I’m doing the radio show tomorrow morning at 4 local time. After the show I hope we’ll get a chance to go up to the Tahune Forest AirWalk. After the radio show Monday morning we take off for Basecamp 2 at the Diamond Island Resort in Bicheno on the east coast of Tasmania.

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  1. Glad you’re enjoying the trip. I see from SmugMug that you visited the old Cascade brewery. I hope you’ve been sampling some of their brew (I know from a tweet that you’ve been drinking the northern brew, Boag’s…there’s always a few of those in my fridge!). Anyway, so far your snaps are looking very good.

  2. I like the night shots of the harbor in Hobart. I can only imagine how it would be to take pictures like the ones I just saw. By the way, my wife work at Princess Cruises. I’ll have to email the picture of the ship to her at work.

  3. I really like the dusk shots — the colors you can find in the environment are absolutely incredible — if you know how to capture them (like you did, Leo). Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing. –PS- Which Princess ship is this? (Actually, I can go online and look, if I am quick enough — BRIDGE CAM at

  4. I hope you are enjoying Tassie, sorry to hear about Lab With Leo, the podcasts will have to keep us informed now.
    Enjoying your discovery of Australia, although Tasmania is just one part, hope you get the chance to see more one day.

  5. AWESOME pics Leo. These just go to show why we are so lucky to live in such a great country! Hope you are having fun. You have to come to Melbourne next time – I’ll meet you at the airport for a coffee!

  6. The trip alone would be worth it in my opinion, but to spend that time with some great photographers, and get those amazing pics is second to none. =)

  7. very nice shots Leo! Your images are very pleasing to the eye, tell good stories and are the kind of quality I’d expect to see from a pro.

  8. Thanks for the photos Leo. Two were superb, worthy of hanging in exhibition or a home: the market Spoons shot and the lagoon with a tree stump shot. You may want to consider offering a selection for sale as prints.

  9. If that is a poor attempt then I am selling my camera equipment today. That is a spectacular shot! nicely composed. keep the shots coming, Leo!

  10. now a quick hint about local food in Hobart go to the [ ball and chain ] for the best steak . enjoy 🙂

  11. It’s all about the light and your tirpod, not necessarily your camera. A good camera helps but you can still do some amazing things with cheap camera. Great shots Leo!

  12. Wow Leo… those pictures are amazing! I really like the detail in the night shots. I hope the rest of your trip is everything you want it to be and more. Cheers and keep the pics coming please…

  13. Great pictures. I was in Australia and most of the time spent inAdelaide, and I wanted to take a trip to Tasmania. But the time and money prevented. We did get to spend two nights on Kangaroo Island which was awesome. I would upload some pictures accept I don’t have a public site to upload them to.

  14. Oh my GOSH… the Night Falls On The Harbor one is AMAZING. Also, I’m madly in love w/ that hanging silverware, too. At first glance I thought it was a funky crystal chandelier.

  15. Those are superb.
    If you go bookshopping be sure to get a hold of a book (any book) with photos by Peter Dombrovskis; they’re sublime.
    BTW it’s Salamanca Market, not a ‘Farmers Market’ (if anything it’s more of a craft market), and Sullivans Cove or Macquarie Wharf, not ‘Hobart Harbour’.

  16. beautiful pictures. The smugmug slideshow moves along a little too quick for me 🙂

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