Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-01

  • The Starbucks at SYD is gone. We’re wandering in search of displaced geeks. #
  • We’ve relocated to the Velocity Bar in SYD T3. There are a dozen crazed TWiTs here. We’re going to storm the biz class lounge later. #
  • @mollywood If you want unconditional love, get a dog. Teenagers are good for unconditional hate, however. Unless they need a ride. #
  • I already want to move to Australia and I haven’t even left the Sydney airport. #
  • Helloooooo Hobart! #
  • It’s 7:30a and I think I’m on Australian time. We stayed up late last night eating fish and chips, drinking Boag’s, and editing video. #
  • @EdRoberts That was a wild guess. I don’t know any numbers, but The Tech Guy is on 50+ stations including DC, SF, and LA and XM. #
  • I’m told there will be a public reception in Hobart 13-April. We’ll be selling prints of our pictures to Save the Tas Devil. Details soon. #
  • @FredDavis We went to a sit down restaurant – but Masa-san says Flippers on the dock has Hobart’s best fish and chips. On my list. #

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