Live From Down Under

April 5 and 6 I’ll be broadcasting the radio show live from Sea FM/Heart 107.3 Hobart, TAS, Australia. It’ll be 4-7 am Sunday and Monday local time, but the show will air at its normal time here in the Northern Hemisphere! I’ll be taking calls as usual, and if I can wake anyone up at that hour there may be some special Tasmanian guests, as well.

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  1. Sure someone will be awake (yawn, sorry) at that ungodly hour. lol

  2. Leo – Please can you tell us a little about the techology/services involved in having a live show relayed over to KFI from AUS. I noted that you glossed over what would have been a fascinating insight for your techie audience when you broadcast from SF a month-or-so ago. Enjoy a beer on the barbie!

  3. I’ll be listening, I’ve been down there many times and live there back in 2001 with my ex-wife in the sydney suburb of Abbotsford. For one thing never say G’day because the aussies can tell your a tourest. Also while your down there go to a NRL game I always called it Hockey without the Ice or Pads. (Note: my fav team west tigers) And if you get back to Sydney go to the club “the Basement” you’ll have a wonderfull time. I miss their broadcast when they had it live on the internet. Also enjoy the weather down there because its still cold up here in the Boston Area.

  4. leo
    its not a northern/southern hemisphere thing!
    parts of russia are in the same timezone as tasmania, and last i checked russia is all in the northern hemisphere!
    from new zealand, a couple hours ahead of tasmania

  5. Hi Leo,I only recently discovered your podcast network after purchasing a Zune, and subscribed to the podcasts.
    You are an amazing person, and I just wanted to say thanks, for the hours of joy that you give me each week.
    I hope you enjoy your trip to Tasmania, it truly is an amazing place. If you get the chance whilst down under
    find a good coffee shop that specialises in Genovese Coffee, I know how much you love your Illy coffee, and
    I think you will not be dissapointed. Take care and take many photos.. best wishes.. Leon.. Melbourne Victoria

  6. Enjoy your stay in Australia.Hope you get the chance to visit Victoria. We have some fantastic places to visit where I live.
    Stop by and I’ll put the kettle on.
    Love your show and all the best.

  7. Tassie!!hey Leo whats the phone number to call you on for this Australian show?
    will get up early to show some local support
    have a great trip

  8. Aw man Leo! Talk about near perfect timing. I’m heading to Australia too. I’ll be leaving a day after you would have arrived. Then I leave a day before you. I’ll be in Sydney all that time (checking out potential grad school: UNSW). It would be awesome if I could find a way to meet up with you.
    Too bad it seems that you’ll be in Tazzie land that entire time.
    To paraphrase the late Don Adams: “Missed you by that much”

  9. Hi LeoIt’s really great to hear someone I listen to all the time coming down to my part of the world.
    Will there be a way for your Tasmanian fans to meet and greet you?
    Oh, if you were here a month earlier the weather would have been warmer! Bring your warm clothes, there was snow on Mt. Wellington here this morning (31/March).

  10. Hi Leo,I’m a TWIT fan. Cool you’re coming to Australia. Are you doing anything in Melbourne – I’m sure we could rustle up a fine TWIT army.
    Have fun,

  11. I get sent to hobart for a week to look after the above stations technically and the first thing they say to me is ” do you a guy called leo laporte” and im like hell yes and then they tell me that i have to get up at 3am to send the show back to the US stations for leo.. talk about awesome!!
    The show is sent back to the US via ISDN (digital phone circuit using a “codec” with mpeg2 compression)
    Without sound like a groupie but YOU BLOODY RIPPER! I get to meet leo after talking and watching him for years! (just wish amber was coming too hehe)
    Cant wait to meet you leo… Just a side note.. leo can you bring strong coffee and a selection of Donuts im not a morning person 😀

  12. Hi Leo
    I am a big fan of your work and listen to your Podcasts regularly. I also live and work in Hobart Tasmania so, understandably I just about choked on my earbuds when I heard you say you were coming to MY TOWN to do a radio show.
    I am sure you will love Hobart and Tasmania in general. I’ll be listening on SEAFM/Heart.
    Tim Levis

  13. Leo have a good stay, you will get your snaps ok, tassie is very picturesque place.(a Tasmanian)

  14. Welcome to Australia Leo! hope you have a kick ass time, and try not to take what bill gates said a few years ago seriously, our net is a bit better now 😉
    Tasmania is a beautiful spot and you should come back with some fantastic photos. Bring on twit!

  15. I’ll definately Be listening, being a long time TWIT & The tech guy podcast listener I wouldn’t miss it, and being broadcast locally is great for Tassie.I Hope you like our little bit of paradise here in Tassie. I think it’s the best place on Earth to live.

  16. I’ll second Lina, definitely a fan base in Melbourne.
    Hope you make it this way – would be great to meet you and other TWiT fans.

  17. I think its great your coming to the land down under, but its a pitty your only seeing Tassie. Beautiful Place and all, but to see the real Aussie Culture you have to come to Melbourne. See a game of Aussie Rules, its like American Football but alot harder and no protection. There is alot to see and you will like it because everyone is friendly and inclusive. Just walk into any Pub and doesn’t matter who you are, you will be welcomed warmly. Love the Twit Family. Thanks for all the hours of entertainment you provide each week.
    Paul Harvey

  18. Hi Leo I’m a big fan of TWIT and the tech guy. I keep my yacht about 30 minutes out of Hobart and will be going sailing Sunday. Drop me a line if you want some pics from the water.

  19. Hi Leo. Nice to see you got here at last! I called in to your show just before it was dropped so I never got to see myself on The Labs 🙁
    I live in North West Tassie. Places you must see while on the island: “Dismal Swamp”, “Misery knob”, and if you’ve done those two before midday there’s “Luncheon Hill” and to end the day… you probably guessed it… “Cape Grim”.
    The west of the island is the wildest and most unspoilt part. You’ll take some great photo’s there, provided the weather eases up a bit for you! It’s not always like this!!!!
    Hopefully, you’ll be coming up to my part at some point (near Burnie). Please let me know if you’re coming up this way… and also whether your Hobart radio show will be streaming on the Net.
    Best wishes
    Dr. Chris.

  20. Hey LeoGlad hear you in oz. Don,t buy any kangaroo feathers.

  21. I’m another Hobart TWIT fan – haven’t missed an episode since I started listening over a year ago!
    Is there going to be a Hobart meet ‘n greet for the Tassie TWIT Army?

  22. Hi Leo. We live in Launceston in Northern Tasmania and would fall over ourselves for an opportunity to meet you – hell we will even travel down to Hobart (north / south thingo going on here 😉 If you have a moment and are organising a get together we would love to know. Failing that could we have the phone number at SeaFM which will be used during your program? Welcome to Tassie.

  23. Hi Leo,
    Like others I’m really excited you’re in our part of the world. I’m a local – born and raised – and very proud of our little state. Enjoy your time here. I’m a big fan and listen to three of your shows religiously!!
    If you’re in Hobart on a Saturday, you must head down to the Salamanca Market for lunch on the waterfront – simple pleasures but I think you’ll really get a kick out of it.
    If there is an opportunity for TWIT fans to come say hi at any point, I’ll be there!

  24. Hi Leo, I have enjoyed all your programs over the last 3 years , the main reason I subcribed to Pay TV was to watch your program its been a wonderful source of information and you have inspired my along the way. After finishing a Degree in comp in 2004, you have helped me stay well informed and up to date. (I’m abt the same age as you ) I will miss your Lab program . My Pay TV subscription can now be reviewed . Hope that you might make it to Melbourne (Australia) one day .Tasmania ! wow is that part of Australia ? ( thats a joke )
    Keep up the good work .

  25. HI LEO
    Im a Tasmanian. Great to have you here. You will love this place. Its incredibly beautiful. Make sure you bring plenty of cold weather clothes though its got mighty cold now. Love you shows and your sense of humour too. You make technology and the net so much fun.

  26. Welcome to Aussie Leo!!!
    Great to see you down under at last. I am a dedicated TWIT fan and have been listening to since you first started podcasting. Very sad about “The Labs” show. Why don’t you look at a video cast like DLTV, Labrats..
    How can we listen to you live and phone in during your shows in Tassie
    I am your humble TWIT Fan
    Johnty (from Toowoomba Queensland)

  27. Good news guys.. all going well Leo will be onair with Charles Wooley Across australia on Monday at 10am AEST
    Which of course includes Heart 107.3 in Hobart
    If you live somewhere that doesnt have a station that takes charles wooley you can listen online at

  28. love to have you on the show – or pre-record a couple mins for us. Hope you enjoy your stay in Tassy – pitty your not coming to Qld and the Gold Coast, you can meet up with amber when she is here soon. Love the shows and true inspiration to aussie podcasters!!!

  29. Great photo’s Leo and nice to get your take on things here in Tassie. So what is the best beer then Boags or Cascade ? Yeah it would be good for a Twitter meet up somewhere but I know your on a photo shoot primarily on limited time. Tassie is bigger than you expect when you want to get around to see everything. Looking forward to the next netcast from our local station as well, who would have thought. Have great stay cheers Paul

  30. Hey Leo! Thanks for having me on your webchat today. It was really fun and great to meet you. I’ve been interested in American radio for a while but I think I might try my hand at digital or podcasting. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Tas.

  31. Hi Leo
    I tuned into your show today and happened to catch you recommending a car dedicated hands free cell phone device.
    As I was driving at the time, I was unable to write down the product name. You stated this product attached to your car visor and retailed for approx. $120.00. Could you please forward product info to me? Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Sincerely, Brad McCartney

  32. The tour certainly is getting some media coverage here in Tassie – even an interview on the ABC! I plan to travel down to Hobart for the reception on the 13th and was hoping there might be an opportunity to say hi to Leo then (buy him a beer or something). With all the publicity however, I imagine all the usual suspects from Hobart high society will pack out the reception – not really my scene unfortunately – they love art auctions and good causes 😉 Perhaps ordinary folks may have a chance after the reception?

  33. Leo, I listened to part of your show in Australia, and you said there was a work around to not get nailed by the Service Prroviders there, yet I cannot remember how or where to go to get the information. I will be living there for awhile and would like to get that information to save some money. By the way I love your show, it is great and provides oodles of useful information. Thanks for your wealth of information!!!!!!

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