Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-30

  • Putting The Wire Season 5 on the iPod for the plane trip. That should get me to the International Date Line anyway. #
  • Just upgraded to WordPress 2.5 – painless upgrade and pretty new admin interface. Recommended. #
  • @schappim I’ll be at the SYD Starbucks til 1p, but I can’t stay later. My flight to Hobart leaves at 2. Sorry! Need to do a Hobart meet too! #
  • @dwwithnall Flying Quantas SFO to SYD tonight. SYD to Hobart Tuesday. Unfortunately, I’m only in Tasmania this trip, through 14 April. #
  • Dream TWiT Panel? @davewiner, @jasoncalacanis, @adamcurry, @rocketboom, and Woz. And we’ll talk only of Twitter. . . . Dream on! #
  • @Ihnatko Awww Andy! I was being facaetious, right? They’d tear each others’ eyes out. Although @paulkent want to do a MacWorld cage match. #

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