Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-29

  • The HHB Flashmic froze up on its first assignment – a field recording I can’t replicate. It’s dead and I’m pissed. FAIL #
  • I left the batteries out of the FlashMic all night and now it seems to be working normally. I still think I’ll bring a backup to Tassie. #
  • @loiclemeur Instead of LOI – laughing on the inside, how about MA – mildly amused. If it’s really funny use SMTN, snorting milk through nose #
  • @om Vista runs fine in Bootcamp, but I’ve never had very good results with it in VMWare or Parallels – XP is better in a vm on the Mac. #
  • I’m planning a little meetup at the Sydney Airport Domestic Terminal. Stop by the Starbucks at 11a 1-Apr. This is not a joke. #

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