Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-27

  • Every year I do my taxes and every year I say the same things: where did that money go? why didn’t I pay estimated tax? where are my pants? #
  • Windows Weekly 54 with Paul Thurrott is titled "Hooking Up With Hot Women." It contains no content that would help you hook up with anyone. #
  • Just ordered a T1 from Covad (1.536Mb up and down) for $379/month with 2 year contract. We’ll use it for streaming video for TWiT Live. #

4 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-27”

  1. $379/month! Ouch! My 20Mbps/down 5Mbps/up FiOS for $45/month is looking really sweet!

  2. Hey Leo,big techTV ZDtv and not so much G4 fan here
    I just signed up for a Twitter acct. and wanted to find out how to add you to my following, as i would like to follow your twitter.

  3. Can someone let me know if getting Verizon FiOS is worth it. I currently have DSL with a wireless router to my laptop. I don’t quite understand the Mbps stuff but I usually have a rate of 38-46 through the router. When I look at the description of the FiOS it appears to be slower unless I want to pay a lot more money. Can someone clarify for me? It’s confusing.

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