Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-24

  • I think we convinced Dvorak to get a Twitter account on the last episode of TWiT. Don’t worry we don’t even mention the T-word until the end #
  • @garyvee Dood. I _live_ in wine country. When you going to dump those overhyped Napa labels for some real Sonoma county wine? #
  • @mrsflinger Work on Easter? Only eight hours. But then I don’t really "work" for a living. #
  • Quotably just launched. Interesting way to follow Twitter conversations. http://quotably.com #
  • I’d like to apologize to Blogger Bob of the TSA for today’s TWiT. It was all in good fun and please let me go to Australia Sunday. Thank you #
  • The AAC feed of TWiT 137 was pointing to last week’s show. I’ve fixed it but it may take iTunes a bit to notice. Apologies. #
  • That’s cool – flickr will produce stats for your (Pro) account if you ask. http://www.flickr.com/photos/me/stats #
  • I need to get hiking boots for a walkabout in Tasmania. Any recommendations from you outdoorsy types. Oh. Maybe this is not the place to ask #
  • @Veronica Sentence structure overrated is. With your instincts go – understand people will. And you can probably levitate stuff, too. #

4 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-24”

  1. I’m a geologist and an outdoorsy type, and I’ve been to Tasmania on geology field trips when I attended a conference at the University of Tasmania in Hobart. The topography of Tasmania varies dramatically from the area around Hobart (which isn’t too difficult for the most part) to incredibly difficult and WET in the undeveloped and VERY rugged areas in the southwest of Tasmania. In fact, much of Tasmania is uninhabited because of the difficult terrain. If you want to get into really difficult areas and will be carrying a pack, you’ll need heavy (vibram) soles and excellent leather that laces up your ankle. I like LL Bean’s boots and they have a good selection of backpacking boots. A stiff boot will allow you to traverse the more rugged terrrane
    If you will not be doing the extreme types of hiking, then a lightweight day-hiker would do fine (still make sure it comes up over your ankles to protect them). I like my goretex day hikers from LL Bean. They’re fine if you’re not carrying a pack for days on end.
    You are going to LOVE Tasmania.

  2. Hicking boots – get comfortable one ; )
    Solomon or Nike are decent enough. Don’t over pay, cuz you might not like ’em.
    Walk in them for a few miles before heading out into deep woods. Also, *always* bring a sample size bottle of mineral oil for blisters.

  3. Leo, EVERY time you have Jason C and John D it turns into a GREAT show! Man! I laugh so much. There’s something in the dynamics between you three that makes it such a joy to listen to. I’ve gone to both their web sites and listened to their podcast, but they seem either dry or grumpy, but when they are both together on your show, they are great! Keep up the great work!Thanks.

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