Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-21

  • @StephAgresta Wait until they debate the declaration of independence. It’s incredibly moving. They should show John Adams in schools. #
  • I think I’ll talk about "social gaming" with Bill Handel on KFI today. Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Smash Bros. We like to play with each other! #
  • @ijustine I can’t understand why anyone who is self-employed should attend as many meetings as you do. I haven’t been to a meeting in years! #
  • I’m trying the Disqus commenting system on my WordPress blog -http://leoville.com. It’s nice but why isn’t there a native WP way to do this? #
  • @ranaberden I have the WP plug-in for Disqus – I mean I’d love that kind of commenting built into WordPress so I could keep comments locally #