Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-17

  • We’ll be catching up on the Tech Guy podcasts this week. 435 should go out today – glitch included. Sorry for the delay. #
  • Wish I could filter out all the @ tweets. They tend to be useless sentence fragments and non-sequiturs. That would be a nice Twhirl feature. #
  • @RickMacMerc Apparently my evil scheme is working. I get everyone else to handle my email so I don’t have to. Mwahahahahah. #
  • I guess my real problem is people who use Twitter like IM. Remember others read your Tweets, so pls include context when you post an @ reply #
  • @jdickerson New rumor – O’bama’s not muslim, he’s an Irish catholic! #
  • @aakelley I agree – I often add people after seeing them in an @ reply. #
  • Always loved Evernote on Windows. Now there’s a Mac client and web syncing is in beta. This is one to watch. http://evernote.com #
  • Time to buff the drool marks off the Macbook Air and ship it back to Apple. #
  • Ah yes. Selecting "no @ replies" does seem to filter them out of clients like Twhirl as well as SMS. Just not the web page. #
  • Ah well – I guess I’m just an old timer. <gabbyhayes>I remember Twitter before @</gabbyhayes>. I think of it as a broadcast … #
  • Comcast charges a lot for business service. 8Mb/1Mb with CNN is $130/month. Of course T1 is $260. Getting both for upstreaming video & Skype #
  • Beats putting in a TV transmitter and tower, though. #
  • Just got my Lowepro camera bags for the trip. I’m starting to get excited! Looks like I might have a review Pentax K20D to take along, too. #
  • OK I admit it. I’m a slave to the nightly Webkit builds. http://webkit.org #

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