Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-12

  • The WSJ’s glee over Spitzer is palpable. Federal wiretaps and his bank busted him. He made some powerful enemies. Where’s that story? #
  • O this HHB FlashMic is sweet. Expensive ($845 at BSW) but the quality and form factor are superior to any other portable recording solution. #
  • I also bought a Zoom H2 as a backup room recorder. I hate to have only one recording of any important interview. I’ll bring both to Tassie. #
  • @mollywood Dang you Molly – now I need to make a Peet’s run! #
  • @GlennF Twitter bug in FF 3b4 (at least): when someone screams in anguish and forgets word or line breaks, Twitter stops wrapping. properly. #
  • Safari, too. #
  • @atariboy Yes indeed. I’ll be doing the radio show from Hobart April 6 and 7. Come over and be on the show – I’d love to talk about Plasq! #
  • @Rmediavilla I have licenses for both ecto and Mars Edit, but I use Mars Edit pretty much exclusively to post to my blog. Highly recommended #
  • @djmayhem I bought Ecto but @danielpunkass gave me a license for MarsEdit before I could buy it! I like to support the Indy Mac devs with $. #
  • @adamengst Cauliflower is even better with the same recipe – the florettes don’t burn as easily, and it looks like roasted brains. #
  • Randal and I are interviewing Ward Cunningham, inventor of the wiki and extreme programming, for FLOSS Weekly. Trying not to gush. #

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  1. What happen to the podcasts in iTunes? The last show I downloaded was #434!!!
    Where are the March shows??????

  2. What has happened to your Tech Guy Podcasts. I miss them. Philip

  3. Hey what happened to the podcast, I am missing the Tech Guy Please don’t make me listen to normal radio.

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