Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-10

  • I shouldn’t Twitter while I’m TWiTing. Meant to say: "the conspiracy to take Wikipedia private" on the next…. TWiT. (dramatic sting out) #
  • @penmachine One ISDN channel is working. Should have been more specific with AT&T – I have dual channel ISDN and need both for Premiere. #
  • @ambermacarthur We move into _our_ new studio tomorrow. Interesting synchronicity! #
  • @javieraltman We get lots of international calls on the radio show, from Belgium to Beijing. Use Skype out to dial +1-88-88-ASK LEO. #
  • @ChrisEMaj7 Thanks – Jerry Pournelle’s voice was rocky, but he’s very insightful and I don’t want to leave him out just because he’s ill. #
  • @ambermacarthur LeoBer International, with offices on both coasts. How’s the T1? #
  • Just had an interesting conversation in Scobleizer’s Qik chat during the consumer electronics panel at SXSW. Was that really @sarahcuda? #
  • @bendit The question is, which two TWiT shows are the "core shows." I think it differs for every listener. I don’t plan on cutting or adding #
  • I take that back – we are adding a "summer show" covering Roz Savage’s attempt to row solo across the Pacific. Launches in May. #
  • Roz has an excellent blog at http://rozsavage.com, but I’m going to work with her on expanding her social networks, including twitter. #
  • Gary Vaynerchuk, Kevin Rose, and David Prager in techcabconfessions.com. They don’t know who Justin Hall is. #
  • Kevin Rose just revealed a Digg easter egg. #
  • Thanks for the plug Kevin – http://pownce.com/leolaporte #
  • WLTV FTW Gary! #

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  1. Leo, just heard about the TV show, sorry DUDE!TO show my support i just donated $$ to you.
    Keep up the good work! we DO APPRECIATE YOU!

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