Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-07

  • @MeWhOeLsE I’m not sure what Rev3 would bring to the table. I prefer to do this out of my own studio in my own way. I will have help, though #
  • @MediaRight We shot our last shows 2/29. That’s usual – no one wants a maudlin farewell show. They have enough in the can to go through May. #
  • @wintr Sorry to tell you this way. Ryan Yewell should be in touch soon to let you down easy. We’ve booked some guests, but the show is done. #
  • My son just got a call from a casting director. He has an audition on Saturday. His sister and mom are now consulting on his hair style. #
  • Oh crud. My ISDN just got cut off for non-payment. Seems I’ve been paying SBC not ATT. Wonder what "SBC" did with the money? #
  • Wonder how I’ll do the radio show this weekend? By phone? #
  • Rooting for Kevin and company. http://snipurl.com/21762 [www_techcrunch_com] #
  • Wow – it pays to have Twitter friends. @biggsjm is helping me with ATT get my ISDN back. It’s how I do the radio show so crossing my fingers #
  • @rockmanac No. If I can’t get the ISDN back up I’ll have to go into SF and use a radio station, probably KGO if they’ll let me. #
  • @mercerch ISDN is only 128Kbps but it’s point to point with zero latency, so it’s predictable. You can do full fidelity audio + return. #
  • @zenrhe It doesn’t affect the podcasts at all – just the radio show, fortunately. We just use Skype for TWiT. #
  • OK now I’ve paid the ISDN bill three times. I don’t really care – I just need it re-connected! #
  • @lipbalm It’s a download from Google. Install over the air on your Blackberry at http://m.google.com/sync – free and very cool. #
  • Just finished doing the Gang with Steve Gillmor. It’s a fascinating experience. #
  • The brain dead ATT voice mail genie wants me to pay them some more money. I think I’m stuck in a loop. #
  • @biggsjm It’s ok Josh – unless you were the one who designed the ATT voice mail genie. That wasn’t your work was it? 😉 #
  • ATT says it will take 10 days to reconnect. This is very very bad. #
  • I’ll probably have to drive to SF to use a studio – which means Munchcast, Windows Weekly, and TWiT won’t get done this week or next. #
  • Should have gone to SXSW after all. #
  • First my TV show gets cancelled, then ATT disconnects the radio show. I think I’m having a bad week, and I didn’t even know it. #
  • Wow ATT hold music went from a muzak version of Time After Time to Tuvalan Throat Singers. Must be some strong acid. #

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  1. the show is canceled!!??? that’s too bad, but it could be the best thing that helps you do the studio you want, and start your own video media empire. .. or least you can do what you want.We’ll donate!

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