Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-06

  • A question for audio types: I need a portable recorder for Tasmania. Should I stick with my Marantz PDM660 and SM58 or spring for a Zoom H2? #
  • @skeemer But I really like the Shure SM58 for field recording. It’s directional, built-to-last, sounds good. What do you recommend instead? #
  • @pvponline OK Kurtz – I’ve had it with your begging. Come on net@night next Wednesday at 7:30p Pacific. Bring your pens. #
  • Not one of the regulars on MacBreak Weekly was invited to Apple’s event tomorrow. Guess we’ll have to cover it second hand. #
  • @ShawnKing Maybe we do – or maybe Apple screwed up. I prefer the latter. We have 300,000 listeners a month – Macworld has 127,000 readers. #
  • @ShawnKing Maybe we do – or maybe Apple screwed up. I prefer the latter. MBW has 300K listeners/month. How many readers does Macworld have? #
  • I deny the Leo Effect even though I bought both an Eee PC and MacBook minutes before they were updated. -sigh- #
  • The entire 20 volume OED is in the trunk of my car. My wife put it in the garage and I couldn’t take it. I’ll put it in the new office Tues. #
  • I bit the bullet and bought the pricier, but better sounding and looking, HHB Flashmic. http://www.hhb.co.uk/flashmic/ I’ll let you know. #
  • TWOTD: sesquipedalian as in " @Ihnatko’s sesquipedalian leanings were moderated by his fondness for comic book themes." #
  • Patrick Wilson of Weezer is going to join us on MacBreak Weekly the week after Easter. #
  • Wow. Spore on the iPhone. I think I’m going to have to take mine back from Dane. #
  • "It’s called the App Store — and we’re putting it on every single iPhone on the next release of the software." via Engadget #
  • iPhone update 2.0 available in June. SDK available now. Get to work developers, you have three months. #
  • Everything will run on the iPod touch, as well, including enterprise features. There will be a "nominal charge" for the touch. via Engadget. #
  • Rogers just cancelled The Lab – reruns will continue until the end of the decade. I’ll be ramping up video production from TWiT now. #
  • @krashcoarse Alas, Australia cancelled us a few weeks ago. You’ll see the last shows soon. That was one of the factors in dropping the show. #
  • @jonathandavies More time for TWiT!! And more video. I plan to do a similar, less structured, show live (and podcast) from the TWiT cottage. #
  • @mattpippen It’s not a bad thing (well, except for the loss of a paycheck). It gives me the time – and incentive – to do more video online. #

5 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-06”

  1. Leo, I had an idea for you to try. Maybe you could do a show just like the lab for the internet. Then you could release it in low quality on youtube or pod-show and then for paying members release it in a high quality RSS feed. I am not sure how to generate a RSS feed that would be just for paying members. I do remember a bit on Cali’s Geek-Beief TV a while back that she interviewed someone about this very subject. Best of luck!! I hate tht they canceled your show but I never got to see it here in the US so I cant say i’ll miss it.

  2. i’m sorry to hear that the best show on tv has been cancelled. what is wrong with those knuckeheads?

  3. is there a way of getting those knuckle draggers to change their pea brained minds? i think that the fans of the lab with leo tv show should do what the fans of star trek did for the original series. they should start a letter write juggernaut. what do the fans say??

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