Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-28

  • Hey! You can hear me! Cool. When I text "stats" to 40404 I get 7,098 back. So it’s not that I have xFFFF followers, it’s a goofy Twitter. #
  • @corsairstw No MacBreak Weekly this week – we ran into scheduling issues, alas. But we’ll have lots to talk about next week! #
  • Ze Frank live from TED joins @ambermac and me tonight on net@night. #
  • Apparently @ev is spitting while Twitter burns. #
  • Wondering if I can get Qik.com working in Tasmania. I’ll bring my Nokia N95 GSM phone, but can I buy a SIM card and is there EVDO in Hobart? #
  • Someone needs to pour a bucket of water on @loiclemeur and @techcrunch. #
  • @Nitrozac "It’s all good" is the one that bugs me. It’s even passive agressive than "whatever." #
  • @themacmommy I’m tweeting but you ain’t hearing me. #
  • Although there are certain advantages to being able to tweet without anyone noticing. Like…. um…. well, you know. #
  • @cdevroe http://hellotxt.com – cross post to Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, Facebook and more – m.hellotxt.com is great for iPhone, too. #
  • @JeffCampbell When the White House uses tech against its citizens it’s a story. I can’t understand why "conservatives" aren’t incensed, too. #
  • @davewiner I was invited to FOO camp once. When I asked if I could bring an audio recorder I was told no, and never asked again. #
  • @danbenjamin Tom Bihn bags FTW – they can double as messenger and shoulder style and are superbly made. http://tombihn.com #
  • @loudmouthman reason #4: because AIR makes Scoble cry real tears. #

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  1. Hi Leo,While downloading Security Now 133, found the file very short 3.5 MBytes. Something missing?
    … Kip

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