19 Replies to “I Want This”

  1. Believe me Leo, you don’t want this. You wouldn’t believe how much time I’ve spent playing the regular crayon physics. I can’t imagine what a time sink the “Deluxe” version will be.
    It is a great game, I just don’t think you really want another hole in your schedule.

  2. After awhile I can see that getting very boring fast. It is amazing how we think we need new toys to make life more fun. But, we don’t need it Do We.

  3. If I started playing this game I might never stop. I would end up like one of those guys over in asia that stays awake for 2 weeks straight and dies from ramen poisoning.

  4. I love this on my iPod Touch – this would just be too much though.

  5. i love this game. I used to play it a lot. Thanks for sharing the game with us. Easy to download and great to play.

  6. I absolutely love this theme and its creative new layout, but it has some rendering quirks. For example, the actual dimensions of the image in this post are larger than rendered:http://tumble.davidchartier.com/post/28084865And the image is a more complete square, but the bottom of it simply got chopped off. Plus, if a quote grows past a certain length, its text will run underneath the date permalink and get all mashed up.This all happens in both Safari 3 and Firefox 3 on Mac OS X Leopard. Any chance you're willing to update it? I'd be happy to donate if it helps.

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