Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-26

  • "If you’re not in a hurry to travel to Vancouver we’d like to offer you a ticket to leave tomorrow morning at 7." #
  • I used my Clear pass to go through airport security. All they did is assign me a "concierge" who bulldozed her way to the front of the line. #
  • It seems kind of undemocratic. But very capitalistic. Are these compatible feelings? #
  • Which Xbox360 Wi-Fi adapter do you guys recommend? I need it to do WPA. #
  • Hoo boy. Things are going a little slowly on the Lab set today. We just finished our first show. At this rate lunch will be at 4pm. #
  • @starsolutions We record MBW on Monday on Lab tape weeks (like this one) I called it off yesterday to wait for Apple. We’ll record tonight. #
  • Twitter appears to be hopelessly broken. I have "65,535" followers none of whom can hear me. Another case where less is more. Name change! #
  • @mollywood And you are WONDERFUL! Peeps! I think you should just finish @140novel yourself. It’s your turn @acedetect. #
  • iPhone 1.1.4 just shipped. Now I’m really glad we didn’t record MacBreak Weekly yesterday. #

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  1. 65,535? Excel used to get confused in calculations that resulted in this too as it is the highest number which can be represented by an unsigned 16 bit binary number:
    I was talking about Twitter with a friend the other week and we thought it might be an idea for followers to be able to offer some kind of Tweet rating. Not like Digg exactly but more of a method of feedback of what people want to hear about and a way to filter the “just had breakfast” dross.

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