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  1. That was amazing, but Leo…you need to get better at Rockband. Veronica was doing really well though, as was Jonathan. But that was very amusing.

  2. Leo even though you failed, that was still awesome. Great work all the way around.

  3. Great to see you there Leo. The whole performance was great and when you and Veronica came out my head exploded . Been a big fan of yours and it was fun to see you preform at the event. Keep up the great work!

  4. Great show and I love Coulton and Veronica but it seems like I remembered that Weezer was suposed to be in there. Was that going to be on a different show?

  5. Leo,
    You are such a funny guy. I love the outfit! You guys played it soooo seriously too. LOL!
    Oh, BTW, the Episode number for TWiT 133 is wrong in the big orange box (lists 134).

  6. TWiT was fantastic this week. I love the usual panelists, but this combination of the band and the groupies made for a fascinating discussion. Thanks.

  7. This is awesome. The awesomest of awesome things. I have to say, I’m ecstatic about seeing this on Rock Band. I will probably sing and make my own video (once our band gets back together!).

  8. Jonathan Coulton Concert Review…
    Now that I’ve talked about my participation in the Jonathan Coulton concert, I’ll take a step back and discuss the concert and DVD shoot in general. Again, for those of you unfamiliar with Jonathan Coulton, there is an excellent primer……

  9. Leo – sorry I was so late seeing this. I actually grew up in Indianapolis, listening to Bob and Tom a lot. (They were often considered very CONTROVERSIAL — in a supposed bible belt city). lol.
    This Interview was GREAT. While I stayed up past midnight to listen to this, it was the highlight of what was otherwise a real “bummer” of a day (that work thing, ya know…)
    Thanks for the laughs — this was a GREAT CLIP. 🙂
    How do I make a copy of this video?

  10. Oh god, It’s a shame you failed 🙁 it would look awful on the DVD, but at least the people enjoyed it, and that’s what matters.
    Also, everybody check Veronica’s Belmont Flickr photos about the event… there’s one really funny picture of Leo and Merlin Mann… nothing else to say, check it out.

  11. I started poking around Leoville to see what had happened to the MBW podcast, and I ran across this. How wonderful.
    To the audience: thank you for the amazing energy that you brought to this performance (and, I’m certain, to the whole concert).
    To Leo and Merlin: thanks for being willing to stumble and fumble through this performance just practicing the song once before performing. There’s something wonderful when adults are willing to be awkward — especially when on stage.
    This was my first exposure to Jonathan Coulton. I’ve already told my friends, and can’t wait for the DVD of that show to come out.

  12. Aw, so totally cool! I’m making a note here… 😉
    Go Veronica, Band Savior!!! 😀

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