Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-21

  • Does anyone have any experience with Ooma VOiP? They want me to do ads for them on my radio show but I’m not sure whether I should. #
  • Up at 5:30a to do the Bob & Tom Show at 6a. (It’s 9a their time.) Why can’t the world just be one big time zone? Preferably mine. #
  • Hunh. My Follower count has been stuck at 6,560 for two days. Is it my breath? #

One Reply to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-21”

  1. Leo,I have ooma and magicJack. I have had some issues with ooma, such as the fact the QoS had been disabled and caused my voice to break-up when I was making calls and downloading at the same time. They have released an update that corrected the issue, and my service and worked nearly flawlessly since then.
    You know $400 is an investment and my family thinks I’m crazy to pay that much for something like this but really, it is worth it since even it it lasts for the year that it is covered under warranty, it is still cheaper than a traditional land line.
    The service is top-notch and they really care about issues that customers have. I was contacted because of a negative review on Amazon that I wrote, which I later retracted due to the problems with the device and service corrected. it really speaks volumes about their company to contact by phone to resolve issues.
    I would totally recommend that you get involved with them. My desire is to see more people use services like this and move away from high priced phone companies.
    Now, in comparison to magicJack, the ooma sits directly on the modem so internet traffic (omce QoS is enabled and will be soon for everyone) and applications won’t affect the call quality. At times, this has effected my magicJack. But overall, the call qaulity is rather good for that device as well.
    Many people look at the price and think that ooma is too much. But I think that it is important for them to make enough money to stay in business, and the price actually helps give me more piece of mind than the price of magicJack. I really don’t see how magicjack could stay in business offering unlimited us calling for $19.95 a year! But at the same time, if they go under, I have only lost the $39.95 for the initial order which includes the device and 1st year of service. On the other hand, if ooma goes under, I’ve lost ten times that amount.
    The bottom line, I think both are great products. The call quality rivals the landline I had before (and sometimes sounds better).

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