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  1. That Dryer & Reinbold in the first commercial is two minutes from my house.
    Great showing, Leo! Much better than Cat had on the Today Show (though that was more because Al’s an idiot).

  2. It really is weird hearing Bob and Tom from the other end. I grew up listening to those guys and I’ve of course been a Leo fan for years as well. I hope they have you back!

  3. I know it was early in the morning for you, but I hope you do this again. I listen to these guys all the time, but then listen to your podcasts on the way into work. When worlds collide…

  4. I think you need to post more videos like this when the do ask you back. It’s really fascinating to see you get interviewed by someone else for once. 🙂

  5. the tip i always give about shutter lag -> remind them to hold the shutter down halfway to focus – and then press the rest of the way when they are ready to shoot.

  6. Thanks for posting that, Leo! I listened to B&T that morning as long as I could but didn’t hear you. Going by the time references, now I know why – you came on after I had already had to go inside at work. It was fun hearing you on the air and even more fun watching! Bet Gordon Lightfoot won’t be calling any time soon, though. 😉

  7. Man, they really have an axe to grind with rap music. Coupla fogies there. And, yeah, commercial city is right.
    I am lovin’ that jacket, though. 😉

  8. Great job on Bob & Tom. The reason there were so many commericals is because you were listening to the local Indy affiliate. I’m live in Indy and have listened to Bob & Tom for 20 years, and I’ve been watching Leo since the late 90’s ….so to have both of them together is great. Leo, you did a great job based on me listening to B&T every single day for decades, and they love tech stuff so I guarantee they will have you back.
    Talk to Chick about this big screen TV addiction. He buys a new plasma every 6 months!

  9. Hey, not related to this post but to the JoCo concert last night… sorry to have been weirdly staring at you during the earlier part of the set. I was the girl in the red sweatshirt in the back of the seating area, and I was trying to figure out if it was actually you or not. I used to watch TSS every day after school when I was in high school. Those were the days.
    As for Rock Band, don’t quit your day job? 😉

  10. I haven’t listened to Bob & Tom in a loooooong time….boy how I miss the commercials on FM radio..hahaha ..I gave up listening to FM radio a long long time ago…they don’t play anything good anymore anyway.

  11. That was really entertaining, certainly interesting to see what happens behind the mic!

  12. that was really entertaining. watched you in your techtv days and really enjoy your podcasts now. also been a great fan of bob and tom, so when i saw the title to this it was really wierd. and to answer jim’s post, i think the red button is the cough button, to mute any distracting noise in the studio, like leo coughing or clearing his throat.

  13. Brave soul, publishing video shooting you at 6am…
    Enjoyed it greatly. Even though I’ve known how it works, it’s always amazing that it sounds like he’s right there talking with them across the table.

  14. The final minute of the video was the best, showing Leo as we know and love him.

  15. Hi there Leo, been a fan of Twit for awhile but have never been by your blog until today (probably something to do with my following you on twitter for the past week). Really enjoyed watching this video; one couldn’t tell from the sound alone that it was early in the morning for you.

  16. Hey Leo,I funilly stumbled on your video and really liked it!
    I’ve also read a previous comment about fm radio…
    I also too feel sometimes we are missing variety…
    I decided to pay for radio an got on xm and sirius and galaxie music..
    I came across an interesting singer…her name is Marcomé (mar-ko-may) and she is very creative. She appears to be a sound girl and I must say that her website is well worth a visit!
    Hope this new musical suggestion brings you some uplifting moments.
    Thanks for your inspirational talk!

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