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The Bob and Tom ShowI’ll be a guest on Dvorak’s Cranky Geeks Wednesday. Watch it live at 12:30p Pacific at or download it later.
Thursday I’m going to be on the syndicated Bob and Tom radio show from 9a until they toss me off. I’ll post notes, if there are any, here.

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  1. Leo, that’s awesome that you’re going to be on Bob and Tom. I work at the flagship station for Bob and Tom in Indianapolis. This town needs your show!

  2. Will Adam be joining you on CG? I can’t wait to see the episode. Leo, like always, you are the hardest working man in podcasting…oops…netcasting. Take care and take a break sometime. Cairo must have been fun, but I am sure you got little rest and relaxation on a trip like that. 78g.

  3. WOUR dropped Bob & Tom for the new ownership’s morning program. I’ll have to listen to the Q95 stream.
    Hopefully the Gomez & Dave people will cause such a ratings loss that Bob & Tom have to come back.

  4. wow, Bob and Tom? That’s cool. What are you going to be doing? Tech is way outside of their usual topics.

  5. AWESOME! BOB AND TOM! My favorite tech celeb, on my favorite comedy radio show, in my home state! The great state of INDIANA! I’m a VIP member of Bob and Tom and can’t wait to listen to you on my iPhone!P.S. Tom is “Tech Retarded” make fun of him!
    P.P.S. Both Bob and Tom are Mac users!

  6. Leo,
    I just listened to the latest TWIT. Absolutely amazing show!!. I really enjoyed it. You should get that same panel back at least once a month.
    Great stuff, I really enjoy all your shows.

  7. Just heard you on Bob and Tom. Great to hear you on the show and hopefully you can do it again. Maybe Bob can be guest sometime on TWiT sincec he is fairly technically.

  8. Just listened to Bob and Tom. Great little section. Hope you can make it pretty regular for them. I love Bob and Tom’s show, you fit right in to their format. I hope you get invited back, and maybe can put out a little humor as well.
    Great work and exposure…tho I wish they would have said something about TWiT or atleast mentioned it on the website. Makes it sound like your biggest project, podcasts, didnt even exist. Oh well.

  9. Nice to hear you on the radio this morning. It was my two radio worlds colliding! I hope you get to appear on there fairly regularly. As a longtime Bob and Tom listener I was kind of surprised to hear how well they keep up on tech stuff.

  10. I listened to you on Bob&Tom today and enjoyed it very much, previous comments have it all wrong, B&T are very smart people. I have listened to them since 1994, even now since I have retired I still tune in every morning. They are very respectful of their guests and I am sure you knew that. They are a notch above the “Zoo Crews”…thanks for your info today, very informative. I will checking site on a regular basis now.

  11. You going to visit Patrick at Tekzilla? We here at are going to be in your area, and it would be great to chat some more like we did at Blogworld. Cheers to “Big Headed” filming!

  12. Wow, I didn’t realize you were going to be on Bob & Tom, so what a pleasant surprise! When I heard Tom say that coming up they would be talking with Leo Laporte I thought surely I must have heard that wrong, or that there must also happen to be a comedian with the same name, so I tried not to get my hopes up too much. But sure enough, it was the Leo I was hoping it was! As someone above said, it was like my two radio worlds colliding, or actually my radio world and my podcast world, as we don’t get your radio show around here.
    I hope you had fun doing the show, and hopefully this is going to turn into a regular feature! (And I second the idea of inviting Bob to be on TWiT! He might even already be a fan, as he did say before the interview that he was really excited to be talking to Leo. Although I’m sure the majority of TWiT listeners would be like, “Bob Who???”) And now I’m off to send an e-mail to the B&T Show to tell them how much I enjoyed your appearance!

  13. Awesome segment on Bob and Tom, and I agree, you should have bob on a twit show (probably would fit best in Macbreak Weekly). And I also have to agree that it would be great if you turned into a regular spot on the show. Great job, and keep up the good work!

  14. “…until they toss you off”…? I hope there wasn’t a webcam for that show…I think that might have lost something in the translation between California and London!!

  15. This may be slightly off topic, but I couldn’t help notice the picture of Sony’s Bone Fone with its original “Bone shaped” zippered canvas carring case. I still have mine! It was an interesting concept but I think I paid something like $150 (in 1976) for an AM/FM radio with poor reception.

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