17 Replies to “Tech Guy Open 431: The Death of HD-DVD”

  1. Great work! I listen to the show from Australia (usually many days later while driving to work) – I had no idea Leo spoke with his hands as much – which is great because I do the same thing when speaking into any microphone. My wife jabs me because of this, and for here evermore i will direct her to this example. Thanks for your work (blogs and casts) Leo!

  2. Wow. Very cool…. Looks a lot like me recording a podcast. Including the drink. 😉 I need one of those cool microphone thingies. And I gotta practise to start with such a power voice. Thanks for keeping on inspiring me, Leo. Best wishes from Germany. 🙂

  3. Couldn’t you use USTREAM to record your sermonette then embed it on your blog? Also the sound is better on USTREAM than it is on Viddler.

  4. Finally, a winner!
    I was voting for Blu-ray, because of its larger storage capability, but it really didn’t matter to me who won. I am just glad that consumers will now be able to decide on one format. Hopefully, this will increase player sales and drive down the price.
    Thanks for the news, Leo!
    – Michael J. Titera
    Parker, Colorado

  5. Dear Leo,, I learned so much when you were on tv. Your show was so honest about everything. Any info you can give me about listening to your info or downloading it would be appreciated. I really liked the links you listed to interesting sites. Keep up the good work. thank you charles

  6. Leo, there away around the ten mintue rule on viddler. It’s complicated but it does work. Record using something like Windows Media Encoder (don’t have a mac so I don’t know what you could use on there) and upload it to viddler. Vidder has a 500MB limit and it can be as long as you like, just stay within the 500mb limit.

  7. Testing the update Viddler video commenting plugin (1.0b5 13-Feb-08) – works great and Colin put in a handy little configuration item to help with my non-standard field name for the comment box (it uses “words” instead of “comments”).
    And an apology for not saving the radio show monologue from Sunday. My computer crashed while it was saving. Drat!

  8. In the show you mentioned remixing the tech guy theme, but you didn’t talk about it any more on the sunday show. Is that happening?

  9. Hey Leo,
    You do so many different pod casts, tv shows, and other stuff!!! Great stuff!
    I can’t believe the HowTo channel is dropping The Lab though, it’s definitely the best thing on tv and I watch it every day!!! You should definitely just do it yourself over the internet.
    Personally, I’m not too sure if Viddler is the way to go, the quality isn’t great (the sound that is, the video quality doesn’t really need to be that good!)
    Perhaps it’d be worth using S3 or something and putting the shows out there in a variety of formats including Viddler?
    Anyway, keep up the good work – I don’t even need a TV with the kind of stuff you’re putting out!
    p.s – I wish I could watch that blade runner bluray disc!

  10. Too bad about The Lab, sounds like the cancellation is a done deal. My personal feeling is that the the showed leaned too much towards Mac. All the computers on the set seem to be Mac and no matter how much you love the Mac, the vast majority of viewers and citizens use PCs, so you were losing an entire audience because of your bias towards Macs, no matter how justified it may be Leo

  11. I personally appreciate that the show delves into the lesser known/used tech. For example I don’t use a mac and have only used one once so it’s really interesting to see what’s going on in the mac world. I also appreciate the fact the show acknowledges Linux – my desktop OS.
    I’m really thankful this stuff is around, very interesting!

  12. The thing that I think you are all forgetting is that to stream Hi-Def movies or TV shows you still have to buy a player for them, be it a Apple TV, a XBox 360 or something similar.With Blu-Ray offering better video quality then streaming, why would you do that?

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