Jawbone Audition on Handel

July 1, Californians will join many other states and countries in requiring drivers to use handsfree devices when talking on their cell phones. I called Bill using the Jawbone today. Listen to the audio here.
I currently use the BlueAnt Supertooth Light in my car. It has its own speaker and mic and attaches to the visor. It works pretty well and gets great battery life (as long as you remember to turn it off when you’re not in the car).

Here’s a recording I made in the same room as the Jawbone recording. It doesn’t sound much better, but it’s usable.

Another system that requires no installation but uses your car speakers is The Tooth Pik. I haven’t tried it and can’t offer a sample recording but if someone has one let me know so I can record it!

By the way, there really was a Bone Fone. Here’s the original ad, courtesy the Pocket Caculator Show:

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  1. Hi Leo,
    My name’s Craig Moss and I’m one of the partner’s with the ToothPik. I really appreciate you mentioning us on your show a few weeks back as well as Bill’s show today. We’d love to make arrangements to call you while on the ToothPik.
    Please let me know what would work best.
    Warmest regards,
    Craig Moss

  2. I took part in a Bone Phone demonstration in ’79 or ’80 at Chicago’s Water Tower. It actually was pretty amazing. It filled you with stereo sound imperceptible to others.

  3. When will somebody make a BoneFone for the iPod?! With the technology available now, it could really be a winner. I still have one of these things and let my nephews use it. “Wow… what a trip”, “Sounds really good”, they’d say. They’re 14 & 16. Anyone out there willing to do an iScarf? Currently, they’re nothing out there if I wanted to use my ipod while bike riding.

  4. I’ll never forget the Bone Fone. If you kept it turned down low enough nobody around you hear it — perfect for easy listening during class.

  5. I’m sorry, but I just had to say that I still have a Bone Fone I got when I was eight. I think it still works. Very cool piece of kit for the time.

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