Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-13

  • 5,000 Facebook friends. Ding. #
  • AppleTV2: Cook’s Illustrated video podcast, then In Treatment, later the HD rental of Altered States. The revolution begins. #
  • @chartier – Know what you mean. I’ve been "other" for ages. #
  • @spaz – it wasn’t TWiT, it was my software pick on MacBreak Weekly 77. Nice job, too! http://twit.tv/mbw and spaz is at http://funkatron.com #
  • Amber and I are doing an interesting interview with Rob Lane of http://overlay.tv – launching tomorrow. We’ll post it tonight on net@night. #

2 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-13”

  1. Hi all just joined the twitter/facebook connection. No I am not schizo on Twitter is my real name (Shannon) is my radio name. I didn't catch that download device on Windows Weekly a few minutes ago that shows you what is on start-up (as opposed to msconfig, I use C C;eaner but want to try thisThanks

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