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  1. Leo, that sounds like a wonderful idea!
    Producing your own Call-for-Help show will be a bunch of fun.
    I wish you the best of success and if you need any help, just let me know.
    Your friend,
    Michael J. Titera

  2. Hey, what can I say I love all your stuff and will faithfully watch any of your video shows… that is providing they play on my mac. So, keep up the good work.
    PS. you could just let Rev3 produce the show and pay for the terabytes of bandwith you’ld be pushing everyday.

  3. It’s a good day to be a member of the TWiT Army I can tell you that… So, I’m in the UK and obviously you record things like TWiT at 1 o’lock in the morning over here so it’s pretty hard to see lie streaming.
    Just to clarify, it will be downloadable?
    Love where this is heading. It’s like a one-man Revision3 and to be honest I applaud you Leo.
    In fact I love it so much, I think this is where I want to work in my life (I’m 14) and people like you and other TWiTs and Revision3 staff are increasingly becoming fantastic idols and role models.
    Hope we can see some of this stuff coming into production soon, it’s exciting, and keep up the good work.
    -Chris Gilmore
    P.S – Please do more video blog posts.

  4. Great Idea!
    Love to see you in more video, wit hit download-able would be great as I love your shows and not sure of the timings but I am in the UK!
    You offer so much good advice, I am now concerned if I miss your shows as I feel that my link to the tech world is cut!
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hey Leo! I hope you are having a good week. I was wondering if you could somehow let us know what days you will be on ustream? Its very interesting to see how things work at TWIT. Do you go to the studio everyday?
    I love the new and upcoming ideas!

  6. I think it’s a great idea. Any time you can do something, and have ownership of it is great. I wish you the best on it, and I know I will be watching and downloading. Thanks to you and all the TWiTs, i can stay in the loop tech wise. Keep up the good work, and I’d love to help out in anyway I can.

  7. I think Leo’s Neighborhood is a great idea, kind like Tom Green’s internet show or even Pirillo’s daily live feed. I know people would eat it up, Leo. Best of luck in whatever you decide!

  8. I’m sorry to hear that the show is not doing well. However, I’m glad to hear about these new plans. Ultimately I guess it’s best to be in control of the direction you take. We’re behind you Leo, just keep up the good work!

  9. Good idea Leo and hope you do well. But I am disappointed that your Australian Show is going to be dropped. (I’m from Australia)

  10. I think this might sound bad and my comments are purely selfish but, although I think the idea of running Call for Help on the internet is a wonderful idea, I would like to see you do it as part of Rev 3. The only reason I say this is because I want to see all my tech tv friends in one place. I hated it when tech tv was bought out and then all you guys split. I know you have Twit but maybe you should combine the two so you can rule the net!

  11. Hey Leo, sounds like a great plan. I would for sure watch your show. I am sorry to also hear about your show having troubles in Australia as well. I used to watch it when I had pay TV, but I just dont have the time to watch TV anymore. Now if they put it as a download and we could pay like $2, I would buy it. Just get it online.
    But hey, you know this, you know that the internet is the way of the future. Anyway, good luck and I am looking forward to and I will support what ever you have in mind.
    I think I speak for all your listeners that if you do a weekly show, we would gladly pay $2 or $3 per episode to watch it. With the amount of listeners you have, it would easily pay for the show and then some.
    So I am all for it.
    We are with you Leo.

  12. I was sorry to hear that the TV show is not doing well; but, on the hand, another door of opportunity is opening.
    Good luck with your plans for an expanded production studio!
    Working in a converted B&B with wood paneling and a fireplace sounds like a dream come true!!! You are truly the “master of your own domain”.
    Best wishes!

  13. Sorry to hear about the TV show. But great news for us TWIT followers. More online video content is where we are headed. I like the idea of a live call in show (like Pirillo). Hey, let us know about that Macbook Air you are reviewing! Maybe you will sell your white Macbook now (probably not).

  14. Leo, REALLY sorry about the problems w/LWL. There are a bunch of us who would love to get it in the U.S., either via Old Media (G4TV’s gotten so dire I’ve even stopped watching X-PLAY finally) or as an ad-supported podcast. Or even via TiVO streaming – since I can’t seem to get my HD antenna to pick up Canadian stations, even though I only live a couple hours from Niagara Falls!
    OTOH, an online television show ala CALL FOR HELP sounds like a cool idea – especially if you have a podcast of the recording, like you do w/your TECH GUY radio show.

  15. I use to watch your show faithfully I loved it. Your show was the only reason I paid for cable. Once you were gone so was I. I would love to watch your show again. I would pay a reasonable price. Thank you for all the great info.

  16. Very exciting news. Quality architecture is under appreciated today and very glad to hear what you’re contemplating.
    I couldn’t help but notice your companion – so a quick, non-tech related question. How is it with the Papillon? I’m considering one myself. I have Sheltie now – who’s great and I love – but am thinking about another dog.

  17. Hey Leo, Thanks for all the great information. I know it was long overdue, but I just made my first contribution to the Twit Network. It’s definitely money well spent!

  18. I was not amused when I found out the How-to channel in Australia was dropping your show and informed them of my displeasure. TV stations seem to have lost the ability to present the shows viewers want when they want.Anyway cant wait for the video “shows’ keep up the great work it is very much appreciated.

  19. Leo,Thanks for the update and all the work you do on TWIT.tv
    You’re roundtable discussion on MacBreak Weekly inspired me to get the ball rolling on podcasting.
    Can’t wait to see the shows you can produce from the new studio!!

  20. Thinks a lot for all of the podcast you do but i like the video you do a lot better. I use to watch you on call for help everday if you miss you one day have tape on my dvr keep up the great job!!!!

  21. hey leo..love the show on truecerpt…my ? is can i use bitlocker with truecrept? if so how would i do that witch one would i set up 1st and so on?

  22. I’m amazed you were taken off the “howtochannel” in Australia. I doubt it was because of ratings, more like Bill Gates cancelled your show with regards to your vista comments which are true 🙂
    The Lab with Leo would show at 7am and 11.30pm which either means your going to work or going to sleep. I would just tape the shows. I believe the timeframes didn’t help.
    I’m a huge fan of your show and would love for it to continue. Thanks Leo hope to see you on viddler real soon.

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