Now With Video Comments - Dashboard.jpgThanks to Colin Devroe and Viddler now you can post your blog comments here as video. You’ll need a free Viddler account, and you can either record right at the comment box, or pre-record something on Viddler and add it later. Either way, I hope you’ll try this feature out. I think it’s a great way for us to get to know you!

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  1. Leo! Thanks for being part of our beta program. If anyone else would like this for their site, please get in contact with me, or watch our blog for the announcement of the release of this plugin. I’m hoping to have it publicly available mid-week.

  2. Now that’s really cool! I’d try it out, but our school computers don’t have webcams (jeez, they’re still using CRT monitors, and they “upgraded” them last year). Looks cool, though.

  3. Great feature , would like to obtain this too
    Just noticed one thing , when you click the link that says Play Video
    It opens the video window , but doesnt actually play the video
    Would or could it open automatically when clicking that first link

  4. Maria: Send me an email and I will send you the plugin!
    Chris Thomson: Tell the school to get a Mac!
    John Piercy: Great suggestion, and we’ve actually made an update to do just that. A new version of our simple player (the one that plays the video comments) is due out very soon that will autoplay the comments after clicking the thumbnail.

  5. if this could get some podpress automation it would rock! record, post, and add to feed with a button or two would be great to drop quick vids into my podcast feeds.

  6. Detorn: If you could email me (see the about page on my site for email address), and detail exactly how you would see that work, I could see if we can handle that.

  7. Leo,I wanted you to know that I am unsubscribing to both the Macbreak weekly and TWIT podcasts. My complaint is the politics. I came to you to be informed on the latest in tech, particularly where Macs were concerned. I applaud your use of free speech, I am just not interested in hearing about the “Bush Regime”, or how Al Jazeera is the best news source, or whatever joke you guys were making on the 2/5 podcast concerning the Reagan, Bush and Bush administrations. Maybe you need to have two podcasts, one for Republicans and the other for Democrats. But I don’t care, I am looking for information on the latest in tech. I’ll get my opinions for politics elsewhere.
    All the best,

  8. Hey, Tom…..Macbreak Weekly and TWiT aren’t news feeds, they’re round table shows. If you don’t like the ratholes or off-topic discussion, including politics, then here’s a site that you may like better.

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