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  1. At least freezing in New York in January is cool, trying doing that here at the moment 30 degrees in the shade. Or 303.15 Kelvin. Sounds hotter with lots of numbers.
    That was real great to watch.

  2. I can’t belelve some 200 people just froze like that. One of the funniest parts was the people that got in the way of that vehicle. That was a true work of art. I might post this at my blog. More people should see this!
    It’s great to see that art still exists in this seemingly artless world… 😉

  3. Oh, I recognize these guys, this is Improv Everywhere, a small worldwide bunch of people that create scenes… It’s not for a movement or for art, they really do it for the experience and for the people who watch. Check them out here:http://www.improveverywhere.com/
    they originated in New York. There are some interesting interviews with the creator Charlie Todd around the web. Todd is the man in the video with the megaphone and asking the witnesses questions as if he were unsuspecting. Best bet is to just check out the website and some of their missions. Very interesting stuff.

  4. How much fun ! I would have loved to be there, even more I would have loved to do the freeze’ .I went to palm spring museum last week and there an artist who does life like people , I check them out they looked so real then I walk down a little and there was another couple sitting and I’m sure I saw them giggling while I was looking at the art , I watched at them for a few secounds and thought to myself i’m sure they were moving around then they both started laughing it was just a couple that was visiting the museum it was so funny , they were having so much fun…. what great day.

  5. LOL – you see, the thing about art is that it should just be. It should just exist for the sake of existing. Why is the Mona Lisa a piece of “art”? I mean, it’s just a (smaller than you think) picture of a woman with a slight smile. But it’s art – and so is this. It’s funny to see people thinking WTF? A bit like Anthony Gormley statues or Ron Mueck sculptures – it’s a bit of fun too!

  6. This is pretty cool, a friend of mine was in that a few years ago. Also, in boston, near quincy market and fenuil hall they did a thing called “silent dance” basically everyone downloads an mp3, and then when the assigned time comes, eveyone comes to the place and puts in their headphones and starts dancing.
    another cool thing that happened recently on the MBTA in boston, it was a group of people, they went on the T, and after a few stops they took their pants off. after a while they got of the T, and took the T the other way back, when asked, they were told to say they were more comfortable that way, or something along the lines, of course if an officer asked them to put their pants back on they had to.
    but i do think that this is a bit harder, cuz just standing still for an hour is fairly hard for a normal person to do without training, but nonetheless, it was really cool, i especially like the part with the truck trying to pass through but cant, and then finally they start moving.

  7. WOW!Amazingly timed, managed to time it just right without creating any suspicion.
    Hope they do more stuff like this.

  8. Cool!Was this mob_art action?
    This would be good to do this in all over the world the same time…:)

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