Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-29

  • SFO on the way to Vancouver for our last week of shows with Kate, Matt, and Sean. Next month, a whole new staff. #
  • The Lab, Week 42, begins. #
  • I notice that I Twitter, Blog, Facebook, etc. much more when I’m on the road. Maybe I have more time? Maybe I’m just more lonely? #
  • It’s not slush – it’s S.L.U.S.H.: Simply Loathsome Urban Snow Hazard. And it’s why I live in California not Canada. #

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  1. Leo, just heard MacBreak Weekly #75. Definitely get Ken Ray on the panel. I listen to his Mac news podcast “OS Ken” and his knowledge of industry and irreverent wit would make him a natural fit with your regulars.

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