6 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-28”

  1. I love the Halo trilogy Leo, but after selling my Xbox 360 before anything flaky started I have to wonder if purchasing another Xbox is worth it.
    Do you know if the PS3’s are having hardware issues?

  2. Im shocked this is still happening…my brothers just went red-ring last week as well.

  3. On the bright side, now you can upgrade to an elite or buy a pro/arcade version with HDMI.
    I’m on my third XB360, first one (launch core SKU) died after a year (went out of warranty before the 3 year change). Nothing wrong with the second, just wanted the Elite and finally grabbed one around Christmas.
    MS really needs to fix some things:
    1. Never, ever make a concave case design ever again
    2. Fix the arcade game glitch (buy arcade game on one box, that box dies, then you can only play the full game on new box only if connected to Live!)

  4. I’m not surprised. Leo probably hasn’t cycled his 360 nearly as much as say Paul Thurrott has since he bought it. I rarely play mine as well and will probably get the red ring eventually. Microsoft will fix it and life will be good.
    What would you rather have, a PS3 that locks up everytime you play or a 360 that might red ring on you after X hours of use? 😛

  5. Leo that sucks!!My xbox 360 did the same thing! piss me off!! at lease,i have a gaming rig that will play current games. ! now my 360 is just collecting dust.. sigh

  6. Leo,Your Twit.tv survey is broken using Firefox on iMac using Leopard. Keep getting length required? Works from Safari though, boy is that un-expected!!!
    Keep up your great entertaining Podcast,

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