Before Plaxo I had way too much free time.


Thanks to Plaxo now I have plenty to do. Maybe if I let it synch again I’ll have even more spurious appointments to delete! Can’t wait to see what it’s done to my address book.

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  1. Leo,
    I’m listening to the latest TWiT and just HAD to correct you guys on the malt liquor discussion. People drink “40’s”, not “45’s”. “40” is short for a 40-ounce bottle. Also, it’s Old English 800 (aka Eight Ball, OE, Olde E, Olde Gold), not 8080 as John kept saying. It’s not only foreigners that don’t understand what’s going on in rap lyrics. 🙂

  2. I had the same problems with Plaxo thats why i quit using it and just went back to one Calendar. My ical and iphone are managing my life. I REally need to-dos and notes to be synced to my iphone but for now i just have a todo list in my icals notes field nd delete the line when i get it done. Not the best way i am sure but it is working for me.Matt

  3. Hey Leo–
    I hate it when that happens. I had that very thing happen to me a few weeks ago. I’m sure you’ve found it by now, but this nifty little script cleaned my ical all up for me.

  4. There must be something about the Mac implementations of Plaxo’s software. I have not had anything like the trouble you have had, although I do have the spurious loss/switcharound of the work/home email addresses about every six months. Until Pulse, I was not using Plaxo for anything more than a web based store of calendar and contact info (I stopped spamming people with it in 2004), and almost stopped using it.
    Now I have found a new use in ensuring that I can sync my contacts to my EeePC and allow access to my calendar in a way better than what Exchange Server and the Firefox web browser gives me. But then again, if any of the tools/addons available for Thunderbird allowed sync to Exchange Server, I would probably drop Plaxo in a flash as Pulse is now a little passe and Spammy.

  5. I am currently using Plaxo 3.0 Beta as the central synchronisation point for all of my contacts, calendars and tasks. I sync to Outlook 2007 on my work notebook PC, Office 2003 on my home desktop PC. I also sync my Windows Mobile 5 information using ActiveSync 4.2 to Outlook 2003 on the home desktop PC.
    I have been using this configuration for 3-4 months and so far I have not had any duplication problems.
    The only problem I was having was the reliability of syncing to my Yahoo account (as another web-based backup). For some reason the Plaxo-Yahoo Sync Point won’t remember my Yahoo password and as such any scheduled syncs to Yahoo fail.
    I am wondering if the Plaxo Sync Point for MacOS has a bug or two in it.

  6. I know, off topic, but I could not find a means on leoville or anywhere else; to say this… the KFI Tech Guy Episodes 417-421 (the one with CES TV stuff) are absent, from iTunes.

  7. Ouch! I was gonna try plaxo based on your recommendation on macbreak weekly, good thing i never got round to it!

  8. For the IPhone I use TaDa List and bookmark it for todos. That way I can access them from any computer and my phone.

  9. Hey Leo,
    I’ve been listening to all the podcasts, including macbreak – and I am a total PC guy.
    I’m really enjoying listening to all your casts……but please enough with how bad CES was and how glad you are that you didn’t go. Please…..

  10. Maybe you can pay someone to go through your iCal…
    I know how annoying that can be. Hope that get’s fixed Leo! 😉

  11. At least you have appointments. My iSync has stopped talking to my iCal and address book. No more appointments on the phone. Not an iPhone though I’m from the land, sansiPhone, down under.

  12. I got out of Plaxo for the same reason.I think it was behind why my google calendar kept complaining about being busy and why my spanning sync was so slow. Now, with no Plaxo they both work well.

  13. Plaxo has done great with syncing my calendar, contacts and to do lists between work and home. However, I had to upgrade to Plaxo Premier in order to remove the duplications. That said, Plaxo has allowed me to sync my iPhone to my iMac at home and my Outlook tasks, contacts and calendar at work. This is a great tool. I sent several emails to Plaxo inquiring if they plan to add the iPhone as a sync point. This would solve the syncing problem between the iPhone and Microsoft Exchange Server; I suspect this would be great for those iPhone users who don’t own a Mac at home that they could sync to like myself. Hopefully the Plaxo Development Team is listening.

  14. Plaxo doesn’t ship as an e-mail attachment from someone you don’t know does it?

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