Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-24

  • Philip Ryu and Awaken’s Jerry Brace will be on MacBreak Weekly next week to respond to Rich Siegel’s criticisms of MacHeist in show 74. #
  • Scoble is at Davos? I feel a terrible disturbance in the Force. #
  • @drtiki – welcome to Amerika. I hope they fingerprinted you on the way in. #
  • Now streaming my Buzz Out Loud appearance via Ustream.tv – http://twit.tv/live #

4 Replies to “Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-24”

  1. Leo: It’s great that you and your family got to go to Egypt together on vacation, but where are your Tech Guy podcast shows 11 & 12 and 17 thru 21? I have nothing to listen to in the gym?

  2. The first thing I thought when you talked about MacHeist criticism is “I bet Leo will be hearing from Jerry Brace.” – Looks like I was right!

  3. I’m glad you’ll have Ryu and Brace there. I’m looking forward to that. I wished however that you could have some other developer that was not a part of MH (besides Rich input).
    On my part, I bought the bundle. Why? Because even if none of the apps was crucial for me (I already owned some apps from the bundle as well) the consumers’ deal was great. However, if I was a developer I’d think twice before participating… In my opinion, it’s true the app are devaluated (in a general way); the question is if there’s a return on that general devaluation (being more widely known and bought, becoming the standard, etc). If I was the developer of well established and nicely priced apps I would not go for it (ex. Scrivener, MarsEdit, Intaglio, etc.); however, if my app was starting its life on a very competitive environment, I’d probably consider including it on a highly commercialized promo bundle.
    Now, what I don’t like is fanboys behaviour. I heard Rich and I liked his input, even having my doubts on some of his sayings (for instance, I didn’t like the implication, although minor, of developers being looked down if they participated on MH). He made some comments that MH people wouldn’t like, sure, but he didn’t attack them and he was generally polite. However, on MH forum I’ve seen fanboy rage and some less polite inputs from the MH organization. (Along with some — although rare and many times bashed — well said input from some forum users.)
    Anyway, I consider that things are rarely black or white. Most times the reality is on some kind of grey. I just wished more people realized that.
    Btw, I’m also hoping Ryu will address the Malcor thing. I have to say that was a badly commercial maneuver (to say the least).

  4. Rich Siegel’s criticisms was very disturbing to me. It was full of “think about the developer” and nothing about the end user. I think times have changed and the consumer is more powerful than ever and the trend is growing. Siegel’s negative words actually made me look at the bundle more closely, so much co I was enticed to buy it. MacHeist appears to be win-win for developers who participate and users who purchase. I look forward to the next MacBreak and hopefully another MacHeist down the road. Remember it’s not about the developers!

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