Bill Gates Farewell Video

The best thing about Bill Gates’s keynotes at Comdex and CES were always the videos. He ends his run at Microsoft with a doozey featuring Clinton, Obama, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, and even Bono. And you have to love Bill Gates as Wolverine.

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  1. If Bill had shown this much imagination back in the 1980s, we would’ve had OS X fifteen years sooner!

  2. I saw that video a couple of days ago. Honestly, I did not find it funny. Microsoft and Bill Gates were probably trying to give a young and friendly look to the company.

  3. Surprisingly unfunny, or perhaps that should not be a surprise. OK, maybe the clapper bit was worth a giggle, but everything about it felt forced.

  4. I hadn’t seen it before. I thought it was great, and laughed out loud several times — Spielberg’s line, Brian William’s “$7” comment, Obama’s guessing about who “the OTHER Bill” could be, the particular guitar riff he showed off for Bono, etc. I’ll be sharing this with others, and really appreciate your posting it. Good catch, Leo — thanks!

  5. I’ll agree with Dvorak or whomever wrote this post–the best things about the keynotes were the videos. I especially enjoyed the “da da da” video, where Ballmer & Gates spoofed the Volkswagen Golf commercial, which was quite popular during the time. Instead of picking up an old chair from the sidewalk, they pick up a Sun workstation. Great stuff on multiple levels (viewable on YouTube, although in crappy quality–search “Gates da da da”).
    I’m sure Bill will still be in the spotlight with his philanthropy.

  6. LOL, forgot what blog I was on for a moment. I meant “I’ll agree with Leo.” This is what happens when you scan stories quickly with Google Reader…you begin to lose your place.
    Sorry Leo.

  7. Bill Gate’s farwell video I guess when you have money and a big ego and you think your popular, you think theses people really like him?? I don’t think so they just got paid! and Hilliary Clinton in the video Well was it not her husbands Attorney General that went after Uncle Bill? I guess when your rich you do get much dumber, thats why Rich people are totally clueless. Heres how to prove it put some rich people in a locked room with one tolet, and plug it up leave a plunger next to it and they will have no clue how to use it. Their clue will be bang on the locked door and try to pay someone to unplug the tolet.

  8. Shouldn’t he be driving a more expensive car? Like something other than a focus? And no it wasn’t that funny.

  9. Bill Gates, what a great sport!
    Had me laughing, great last keynote.
    Loved the Guitar Hero references and the battle after the video on stage with Slash.

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