Live from Petaluma, it’s Saturday afternoon!

I’m back from my vacation and the show will be live this week. We’ll be covering announcements from the big Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas. Tune in and call in with your questions, comments, and suggestions about the wacky world of tech, toll free 1-88-88-ASK LEO! Saturday and Sunday 2-5p Eastern on XM 158 and the best talk stations in the nation.

12 Replies to “Live from Petaluma, it’s Saturday afternoon!”

  1. Leo glad you had a nice time, we missed you. Please post some new podcasts especially The Tech Guy im going through withdrawal. please help.

  2. Leo I love your show I listen everyday on my ipod your my # 1 herooooooooo welcome back

  3. Welcome back Leo!
    Great pics of Egypt. Now I want to go!
    Can’t wait for some new podcasts!

  4. Leo, welcome home, and loved the pictures. Thank you for posting them. I envy your family going to Egypt. Love what you do on the radio, and love the podcasts. I am glad you are home. Need my tech fix from the best. thanks again Leo.

  5. I’ve been … empty without your podcasts to fill in the voids of the day. Welcome back!

  6. Hey Leo great pics from egypt. I’m on my way to Macworld. So I’ll say hi while I’m there. Hope you voice makes it through a week of podcasts. Have missed them of late

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